Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am engaged in a war against the fly community...

...and it's not pretty.   
Here's what I have to say to the flies invading my house:

1. This is MY home, not your home.
2. Your home is outside. Please stay there or I will be forced to go the violent route.
3. If I do happen to catch you, I'm not guaranteeing that you will, in fact, be returned to your home.
4. In other words--- you may die.
5. I have attempted to control you in the following ways with only minimal success.
6. Things are about to get very, very serious.
Consider yourselves warned.


Lauren said...

Ha! I'm from the South Sarah and in a few months we'll be getting lovebugs..they STICK TO EVERYTHING. And they get in your house and in your car and on your car and on your front door and they WON'T COME OFF for months!!! Bless you.. Hope those flies know what's coming! Ha! :)


Sarah said...

Hi, just came across your blog from Kelly's and wanted to share a tip for those pesky flies. When I was working as a live-in nanny, we had a fly invasion one weekend. The woman I worked for heard that if you put out bowls of beer, the flies will get drunk and fall down. I'm not sure if this killed them, but when we woke up there were flies alllll over the counters, just laying around. We scooped them up and tossed them outside. Problem solved. Try it and see what happens!