Saturday, September 24, 2011

oh, the things I teach them

As a babysitter, I take my job very seriously.
I realize that I am caring for the future leaders of this country, those who will power the technology of tomorrow, those who will attempt to improve upon the Oreo. 

But right now, they're just small and adorable little people like Allison, who models headbands for me.
I teach about picking the red tomatoes, not the green.
I introduce the webcam. (Look at her cheeks!)
I unintentionally taught Allison to go around the house waving her arms and saying, "HEY, FLIES!!" because apparently that's what she's sees me do every time she's over.

But perhaps the greatest of my teaching accomplishments is seen below.
I successfully taught a child how to talk into a fan so that her voice changes.
I have reached a new pinnacle in my babysitting career.

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