Tuesday, September 20, 2011

rich mouse, poor mouse~ a guest post

The following short story was recently submitted for publication. After a careful overview of her work, the management here at Dandelions and Daffodils, Inc. are pleased to introduce you to the work of Elizabeth Fantasia Stricknine. We welcome her as our first ever guest blogger.  

Mom is determined to be a millionaire. (Don’t ask her, because she’ll deny this fact, but, trust me, it’s true.) If only for the reason that she MAY be able to buy an oven whose door is not falling off , I’d say that’s a pretty worthy aspiration. Especially considering the skyrocketing prices of lettuce...*looks pointedly* It would be nice to be a millionaire and have access to, as I like to put it in an Italian accent( the accent is crucial.) “Lettoochay en bulkque!” =)

I digress ;)  Mom wants to be a millionaire.

With this goal in mind, Mom, The Twin, and I attended a free Rich Dad, Poor Dad seminar at a suave country club. We did not belong. That Monday morning, Mommy had given Twin and I specific instructions to dress appropriately for the occasion. We were to give, for the night at least, the appearance of those desperate for higher learning and to “channel our desire for wealth into actual money-making investment opportunities...”, even if it was propaganda.  Well. For twin, at least, it was propaganda. I just want lettuce.  With all of this in mind, mom dressed quite nicely in her professional, blue-flowered shirt and stretchy black pants. I dressed in, well, let’s just say I wore clothes too restricting to be mentioned here. Twin, unfortunately, wore his track clothes.

After accidentally, and uninvited, we went into the wrong room and experienced three seconds of a stiletto and bow tied “Tom Wright-Democrat For Congress” rally in the next room, we finally found the Rich Dad seminar, which went pretty well. *nods* So well, in fact, that the Mom convinced Andrew to go AGAIN with her to the next one. This one, was at *drum roll* The Hilton Hotel.

A sign at the parking garage said: SECURE ALL VALUEABLES. Well, that left me with nothing to do. But once Mom and I arrived at our second Rich Dad seminar, I occupied myself with wondering why on earth we hadn’t brought our dad…it should have been a requirement. Or at least “Bring a dad, get a seat.” Oh well. Some things are past finding out. 

Once again we listened with rapt attention to the same speaker, same speech, same dialogue… “Speaker: Let me make this reeeeeally clear. [insert complex real estate investment monologue here.] “Does that make sense?” Audience, vehemently nodding heads: “Yeeeeeeeeeeeess.”   Me: Nooooooooo!”  Apparently I missed the memo to take Claritin Clear before attending the seminar…because it did NOT make sense. Speaking of drugs, there was, for REAL, a lady sitting next to me whose name tag said Benadryl. No joke. It said, “Hi, my name is Benadryl-I invest in my future.” Her mother must have been on as many medicines while pregnant as Sarah’s been on lately and just picked one.

Close to the end of the ninety minute session, I got up and went to sit against the silver, embossed wall. I figured that was cooler. Just as I focused my mind back on learning how to RUN my own real estate business, and mouse RAN by me. Yes, a MOUSE. In The Hilton Hotel. Surprises never cease to exist. ;) I considered telling management, but decided they would probably not believe me. So I’m telling you, hoping you will.

All in all, it was a good experience.

And just one question: What do you think the future is in investing in mouse real estate?

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