Thursday, September 8, 2011

a true matchmaker doesn't get (too) disturbed by bumps in the romantic road

The Big Adventure of this weekend is traveling back to my homeland for the wedding of Katie's sister, Joy.

Colin will be there too. He's marrying Joy but as I haven't met him yet (he's from a far-off state known on as Mississippi), he doesn't usually make it into my many comments about the upcoming Big Adventure. Nevertheless, here's a picture of the soon-to-be-in-wedded-bliss couple.
It came out during a late night conversation at Katie's four or five years ago that Joy didn't like me too much when I was younger. That honestly didn't bother me much because frankly, I didn't like her too much either. Neither of us is quite sure WHY we didn't like the other one, but we seem to have formed an unspoken pact of dislike that ended only when we became responsible people with drivers licences and old enough that we could laugh about the days of our youth. 

That dislike never stopped me from planning out Joy's romantic future.

The gentleman handpicked for Joy was none other than my dearly loved but slightly crazy brother Andrew. For a while there (meaning when they were under the age of 13), it looked as if my plan was going to work BEAUTIFULLY. I heard from Joy's very own mouth that she purchased a cheap ring from one of those machines at the store, placed it on the left right finger, and told Andrew a sob story about how she was engaged to Abraham Lincoln but their marriage never came about as he died immediately before the wedding. 

She was trying to make him jealous. 

In fact, I had a master plan in which not only did Andrew and Joy tie the knot, Daniel and Marylynn (Katie's oldest sister) got married as well making Katie and I almost related. It was our goal to have all the same nieces and nephews and attend all the same birthday parties. We could imagine nothing better than our four older siblings getting married. As seems to happen, the plans I make for the love lives of others rarely turn out as imagined. Andrew married Debbie, Daniel married Erika, Joy is marrying Colin, Marylynn has a boyfriend named Ben, and I married Christopher. (That last part has nothing to do with anything, I just felt like letting the world know who I married.) 

In short (or to be honest, after many words), I am SO very excited about this wedding even though Joy is not marrying Andrew. I have been completely prepared for this event for the last month. I have my new blue party dress hanging in the closet, the camera is ready, I am constantly making lists in my head of who I'll see and hug, and I have their gift all ready. I do hate to boast, but I bought them personalized chopsticks which is one of the most highly creative and ultra-unique gift ideas I have ever come up with. 

One more thing before I close- Aaron and Katie's sister Jenny would be perfect together. 

Just sayin'. 

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