Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas shoe boxes

A few weeks ago I started talking to Zacharoo and Molly McButter about Operation Christmas Child and how they could pack a whole box of Christmas presents for children who otherwise may not get any. After Molly wrapped her head around the fact that not every child has 33 items on their Christmas list, and after Zachary finished looking at the Guinness Book of World Records for 2010, they both agreed they wanted to fill a box.

The first half of the drive to the store was wonderful. We sang Christmas songs, had a contest to see how could sing Jingle Bells in the most outlandish fashion (I hate to boast, but I may have won), and discussed what they would buy for their Christmas box.

Then the GPS started acting up and things rapidly went downhill.

First of all, Judy the GPS told us to take a right off the exit which would have sent us directly into a concrete barrier. For obvious reasons I choose to take a left. This meant we were in an area Judy did not recognize so we had to pull over to the side of the road while she “recalculated”.  I hate when she says that. (I have to interrupt myself to ask a burning question: what on earth does it mean when a GPS says, “Keep left, keep left, exit right.” Does it want me to be in the left lane or the right lane? I never know so I usually go straight which brings me back to “recalculating”. It’s a never ending cycle.) Molly, who never misses a chance to speak her mind, decided this would be a good time to pipe up from the backseat with, “Sarah, why do we always get lost every time you drive us somewhere?” She must have heard me sigh because she followed that statement with, “It’s ok. It’s probably just Judy’s fault.” Sometimes she can be very sympathetic.

We eventually straightened ourselves out and continued on our way only to hit traffic. It was through many trials and tribulations that we traveled to Family Dollar. My two passengers really had no patience left so things started to get a little rowdy in the backseat. Somehow the seatbelt between their car seats ended up in Molly’s hand, and somehow she started twirling it around energetically, and somehow it managed to travel across the car and hit Zachary. Well, the boy was NOT pleased with the turn of events and yelled out, “This is THE LAST TIME IN MY CAREER that I want to deal with this!!!” Unaware that he had any career more extensive than reading the Guinness Book of World Records for 2010 or eating cheese sticks, I asked what career he was talking about. “Seating in the backseat FIGHTING WITH MOLLY!!”  I personally am more than happy to see that career end.

Once we arrived at the store, all gps difficulties, traffic, and careers were forgotten. 
(Zachary is getting to the age where he has started protesting having his picture taken in public. I plan on doing it for as long as humanly possible.)

I was very proud of the thought and effort they put into collecting things for their children!


Anonymous said...

I laughed really hard at the GPS part in the beginning of your post. I've had that experience SO MANY TIMES! Although I haven't named my GPS... maybe I should work on that so I can yell at it more appropriately! ;)

P.S. Hopping over from Handling with Grace!

krys said...

hi :) also hopping over from handling with grace.
i LOVE operation christmas child - my friend just told me about it a few weeks ago :) such an awesome idea!!!

Mrs. F said...

bahahahha!!! you crack me up!!!!
oh my goodness hubby calls our GPs "Sheela" because my name is legally spelled "Sheila" but everyone pronounces it wrong because it is supposed to sound like "Shayla"--so ANYWAYS he calls the GPS Sheila to sort of make fun of me but I cannot even tell you how many conflicts we have had from those darn things. Hubbys family lives all over texas (which is a HUGE state- you can drive all day and still be in the same state). one time we were driving from dallas to the panhandle and the GPS sent us through oklahoma. . .seriously??? we were like- WHY ARE WE IN A DIFFERENT STATE??!!???!!!??!! the GPS led us to a "Gray" area of dirt coutnry roads only to inform us that it could not locate our current position because they were all dirt roads and not mapped streets. . . . . .UGH!!!!!

I love the career bit! Kids are such a hoot!