Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the problem with a first impression is that you can never redo it

Well folks, the Busy Bus have made its appearance and it’s traveling down the high-speed lane at approximately 93 miles per hour.

Somewhere between babysitting, Christmas preparations, teaching a sewing class, and school it decided to stop at Katie’s for a visit. That’s how I found myself hanging out with these people.
They’re a crazy crew.
Katie had to teach music classes at three different daycares on Tuesday morning, but I was able to go with her to help out.  My favorite part all morning was when she tried to act like a squirrel and one little girl though she was trying to be a zebra. It was obviously a high point in Katie’s acting career.

Work conveniently ended right when lunch time was starting so we drove in the general direction of food establishments. We couldn’t decide which restaurant to eat at, so we walked into three different places, took their menus, and had a major menu comparing session in the car. Apparently we are people who like to give ourselves lots of options then hem and haw when it comes to actually choosing anything. We finally choose the Thai restaurant where Katie experienced fried calamari for the first time. I’m always glad to be with her for such big moments in her life.

Speaking of big moments, have I mentioned that Katie has a new boyfriend? Zac hails from the far-off state of Colorado so I haven’t met him yet, but he called on Tuesday night and I spoke to him for the first time. He happened to call when we were in a particularly ridiculous mood which was hardly conducive to me making a dignified first impression.  I tried explaining to him that normally I am a very serious person who never engages in any sort of nonsense or silliness, and you know what he said? “I saw a picture on of you on Facebook jumping over a stool SO I DON’T BELIEVE THAT AT ALL.” 

So much for my dignified first impression.  

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