Monday, April 2, 2012

call me with any packing paper questions

Our move to Virginia date is scheduled in T-minus 10 days, so we spent most of Saturday organizing and separating our storage unitS. That's right. We have multiple storage units. Whoever built and decided a one storage unit provided enough room for a three bedroom home clearly didn't see us coming. As can be seen in the below picture, once you pass through the doorway you're entering a deep, dark abyss.
My job was to find all the household items we will need for the summer in Virginia and separate it from what the movers will drive to Kentucky. I hadn't seen any of my household items since we packed everything up in October, but thanks to my labeling techniques, I found most of what I searched for. Apparently I don't believe in simply labeling boxes livingroom or kitchen. Most boxes are labeled like this:

silver salt and pepper shakers
blue dish towel
stripped platter
coffee mug
three glass bowls
two pans

It appears I like to be specific. I will save myself so much time down the road when I absolutely NEED that blue dish towel and don't have to go searching through 98 boxes to find it. Another thing became extremely evident during my unpack-find-repack in a different box Saturday: I had packing paper and bubble wrap and I wasn't afraid to use them. Was it entirely necessary to wrap a whisk in five layers of packing paper? If the moving truck gets caught up in a tornado on the way to Kentucky, I think my whisk will survive the ordeal just fine. 

 the sunset on Saturday night

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Jenn said...

It's a little creepy how similar our packing techniques are. I will label EACH SIDE of EVERY BOX with what room it goes in, then on the top, I detail what exactly is in that box. It looks like a sickness, but come unpacking time, I am treated like a GOD. Glad your whisk is safe!