Sunday, April 29, 2012

time flies when you're having fun

Today is our first anniversary.
The year went by SO, SO fast.
This year we've lived in 2 states, homes, and moved times. All the moving around is one reason I choose Ruth 1:16-17 for our wedding sermon. I knew the verse "Where you go I will go" would be an apt description of how our lives would go.
This year we visited quite a few places. We went to VermontPhoenix,  Sedona,  CooperstownWashington DCGeorgia, Boston, and Syracuse. Unlike our wedding buddies William and Kate, we didn't tour the world to the cheers of adoring fans, but there's always next year. (Also unlike them, our faces are not plastered all over the cover of People magazine. Christopher is so thankful.)

We certainly didn't spend the whole year together (when all is said and done, we were apart for about six months), but with the exception of Christopher's birthday, we were able to spend every holiday together. We were even together on Leap Year. ;) We know that isn't the case for many Army couples, so we are very thankful.
Happy anniversary,Christopher!! I'm so glad I married you!!


Kelsey said...

Happy anniversary, Sarah! I'm glad it's been such a great first year. :)

The New Normal said...

Happy Anniversary! (I am way late on this, sorry!!) Your wedding photos are beautiful! You had an exciting first year, I hope the next years are just as wonderful for you both!

Julie Danielle said...

What a sweet sweet post :)