Thursday, April 19, 2012

Linus and Lucy visit Washington

Last Saturday we went on a daytrip to Washington DC. We had two things on our agenda- the Cherry Blossom Festival and the spy museum. 
Seeing the Cherry Blossom Festival has been on my list of things to do for years. Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms had come and gone and there was nary a blooming cherry tree to be found in the entire city. It was very disappointing. I'm pretty sure the closest I came to cherry blossoms was my Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion courtesy of Bath & Body Works.
On the bright side, the dogwood trees were very pretty.
We walked by a little station were we could rent bikes and cruise around the city in style. In theory it was a great idea. In reality it was slightly stressful for one of us (the one whose name does not start with C) because of the number of people on the sidewalks and the very strong desire not to hit anyone.
The weather was beautiful and we were able to see many of the sites around the National Mall. One of my favorite was the World War 2 Memorial. Each state is represented with a column so we found our respective states and took pictures in front of them. Christopher is VERY southern and I am VERY northern so we pretty much continue to fight the Civil War every day.    
Unlike the cherry blossoms, the International Spy Museum was very much there.
Saturday was the day I learned that, despite what I like to think, I wouldn't be a good spy. At the first display we each picked an alternate identity we were to remember throughout the museum. I picked a 22 year old girl named Angelica from Italy who was on her way to Bosnia for a 30 day business trip. I didn't pay much attention to the town of my birth or the specific town I was headed in Bosnia because HOW IMPORTANT COULD THAT BE? Apparently very important. I was interrogated by my boss (who looked surprisingly like a computer) and since I didn't know all the details of my life, he grew very suspicious and wouldn't give me a real case. I was told to show up at a hotel and procure a package from the front desk that contained discount codes for his stay there next month. (I doubt Angelica was pleased with that case, but Sarah is all about discounts.) After Angelica's cover was revealed, I basically gave up on her. I was much too busy trying not to lose Christopher in the the museum. We discussed what our spy names might be if we were in a spy agency, and we came up with some real keepers like Maple & Oak and Thyme & Sage. My very favorite was Linus and Lucy because they're names that scream just how VERY PROFESSIONAL we would be. 


Laura Darling said...

I am so sad that you didn't get to any cherry blossoms! Although those dogwoods do look lovely! And the bikes?! Oh my you are an ambitious couple!!!

Poekitten said...

Sorry you missed the Cherry Blossoms! I've always wanted to see them too. And DH and I did the same with the states when we were at Mt. Rushmore:) And I love your spy names!