Monday, April 20, 2015

Elizabeth was here.

Elizabeth left today after being here since AB's birthday party. She told me the other day that "the only reason I'm here is so I maks a blog appearance." And here I was thinking it was because I am her most favorite sister in the whole wide entire universe and she can't live a day without me.  

She was a big help. She swept the floor, entertained the baby, loaded the dishwasher and took a flattering photo of me climbing through the kitchen window when I was trying to prove that I can be a cool mom. I'd post the picture but 80% of it is my backside and frankly that's not the type of blog I operate around here.
Her 21st birthday is next month (HOW CAN THAT BE) so we had a little party for her yesterday. She doesn't like real cake so I made her a fruit cake instead. I know it looks like three candles for a third birthday but it's supposed to be 2 big space 1. I am constantly explaining my cakes.
It was a sad time when she left. As she pulled away AB went to the window and starting waving and saying, "Bye bye bye bye!"

I'm sure she'll be back soon. She can't live out of the blog limelight for long.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Annabelle made her grand and dramatic arrival into this world on March 28th at 1:40pm. This is how she looked the very first time I saw her.
(I'll be glad to make a video tutorial detailing exactly how I did this excellent photo editing. It involves a lot of terrible cloning/blurring and eventually just cropping the whole picture in order to keep this a family friendly blog. Long story short, National Geographic is looking to hire me in their photo editing department.)

On the 28th of every following month I took a picture of Sesame at exactly 1:40, regardless of what she was doing. 
1. Snoozing in her Rock n Play
2. Chilling in her car seat on the way home from Nashville
3. Hanging with her bff, Mr. Lion
4. Snuggling with Mama at Stone Mountain

5. Wide awake at naptime
6. Leaving Cracker Barrel after her first taste of carrots
7. Chewing her hands and contemplating her life thus far
 8. Yet another nap
9. Post Christmas celebration snooze at Grammy and Grampy's
10. Not napping/planning an escape from her crib
11. Yep. Still wearing pj's well into the afternoon.
12. Being totally unimpressed with the elephants during her birthday trip to the zoo

Somehow we went from the picture at the top to this in the blink of an eye. I have no idea how.
I doubt any future children will have such documented lives. I'll be lucky if I even have the camera charged when I have multiple children running around.

Monday, April 13, 2015

meaningless Monday musings

* Normally people post their Easter pictures by Monday then move on with their lives. Then there's me, bringing up the Easter post rear since 2010.
* Christopher entered a giveaway and won a revolver. I have entered approximately 72 jewelry giveaways and have nothing to show for my efforts. Some people have all the luck. Next time he needs to enter a European vacation giveaway.

* Within the past year I have had four computers. I've had three since my computer was stolen in January. I have TERRIBLE luck with computers. They get mysterious viruses. They crash. In the case of my latest computer, bought a month ago, it randomly decided to not turn on. I charged it for 12 hours, pushed every button and maybe shook it a little but nothing made it turn on. I took it to the computer people last week and they called this morning to say it was perfectly fine and turned on for them. ????????????? She didn't know why it didn't work for me but she was charging me a $45 diagnostic fee. Now I'll have the walk of shame when I pick it up. 

* Somehow a bag of frozen peas spilled in our ice maker. Every time I use the ice dispenser on the door I'm treated to a couple of peas. Instead of cleaning out the ice maker I have chosen to think of it as the latest and greatest flavor in infused water.
* MOPS had parents night out on Saturday so we dropped the small one off and went to the movies. On a scale of one to superb the movie was pretty bad.  At least it was more physically comfortable than our last date. When Katie was here she sent us out on a to the gun range. An hour later we left and my ears felt blocked up and fuzzy. I could barely hear a thing for three days. I didn't realize my ear plugs fell out and my ears were exposed to the loud noises for so long. It was terrible. I mean, not as terrible as being deaf but still terrible. I almost had a panic attack in the grocery store because I didn't know what people were saying or if they were talking to me. As if people always come up and start conversations in the cake aisle of Kroger.

* I am not very into super heroes but I do like Captain America. Christopher got me a Captain America shirt and I really like it, but every time I wear it I feel like such a nerd. I feel like I'm two steps away from buying tickets to ComicCon. I wore it to the doctor when AB had her one year appointment and the male nurse looked at it and said, "That's the best super hero right there." I replied, "Thank you." THANK YOU? What kind of an answer was that? Did I think I was the creator of Captain America?  A week later we were back at the doctors and, of course, we had the same nurse. The doctor mentioned a medicine Sesame should take and I said to the nurse, "Is that...that isn't...I I...whatI'mtryingtosayisthataprescription?" He looked at me for the longest three seconds ever then asked me to repeat the question because he didn't understand. How could he not understand my eloquence? Then Sesame pulled me shirt waaay too far down and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole.

* Sweet girl was so excited to be out in the sunshine yesterday.
She smiled to her adoring fans then got down business- practicing her princess walk in preparation for her royal wedding to George.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the party at our hive

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately or not, but Sesame just turned one. As I've been planning for the last 10 years, she had a bumble bee party.
Naturally I planned everything perfectly and wasn't one bit stressed the week before. EYE ROLL. I certainly didn't spend forty minutes wrapping honey sticks in ribbon with her name on it (that I bought six months ago) to give as party favors then forget to put them out.
 My mom always made our birthday cakes growing up so I'm carrying on the tradition. It's a shame AB won't remember and appreciate this cake. I doubt her future cakes will turn out so well. 
I don't mean to brag, but I really outdid myself with her birthday outfit. She looked so precious.
Grampy carried the birthday girl around the like Queen Bee that she is.
Our sweet friend Tiffany.
Annabelle LOVED having Memere over. She walked around the house saying her name over and over.
I brought her into this world, spent 365+ days caring for her and all I ask is a nice picture of her looking at the camera. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.
Christopher- "I don't like posing for pictures."
Sarah- "I bet I'm going to be the only person in this picture who's looking at the camera."
This is what we'll look like with two kids. Take a good look because I'm hoping we stick with one for a while longer.
In all the hours I spent analyzing her party, I didn't spend much time thinking about how I should act while opening her gifts. She was tired and not into most of the process so I felt the need to over compensate. "Do you like this wrapping paper? LOOK AT THESE BLOCKS, AB! They're so cute! Aren't they fun!? Do you love them?" She responded with this overwhelming amount of enthusiasm.
 Then she got her own little chair, a box of chalk and a paper cup and she was a happy camper.
I enjoyed giving her a party but I'm not in a rush to do it again anytime soon. She's growing too fast and I can't handle it. Besides, I'm too busy trying to eat those 32 honey sticks to plan another party.