Friday, September 30, 2016

Minnie Mouse sure knows how to party

I'm not sure if you're aware, but September 28th is Minnie Mouse's birthday. I wasn't aware until recently. AB is OBSESSED with birthday parties and had been asking to have a MM party for her "two year birfday." I didn't want to start a pattern of giving her a party every time she asks, so we had a party for Minnie Mouse instead. It seemed a little self-centered to have a Minnie Mouse themed party for Minnie Mouse, but she didn't let being in the spotlight go to her head. 
Naturally I had some Minnie and Mickey straws on hand.
All good manners went out the window at this party. Look at all those feet on the table! Miss Minnie Lookalike was delighted with the whole event. 
It was not one of my finer weeks days so I almost didn't do the party at all but I'm glad I did. I didn't realize until I saw this picture that I forgot to put bloomers on Annabelle. It's almost like I let her wander the streets naked! 
She wasn't too sure about the plates with ears situation.
The one thing Annabelle kept saying she wanted at the party was cake with a sparkly A on top. That was easy enough to accomplish but we never got around to adding frosting. 
The birthday girl only had a small piece of cake. Rumor has it she's on a diet. Christopher didn't know about the diet and gave her an apple and caramel dip as a gift. Annabelle volunteered to eat it for her. 
MM and AB both enjoyed the party. Hopefully Sesame doesn't ask that all of her stuffed animal friends have a real birthday party. I hear that Tigger is a real party animal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

in which Sesame agrees to be interviewed

I conducted this interview yesterday during supper because I firmly believed yesterday was the 28th, the day Sesame Pie officially turned 2.5. Come to find out it was the 27th. I never write the date any more. I barely know what day of the week it is yet I'm responsible for teaching her the most basic fundamentals of life. 

How old are you? Ummm. I two! 
How old am I? I dunno. Two year old?
How old is Daddy? He freee! 
What's your favorite color? Red, yeyyow, green and yeyyow, black and white they are precious in His sight!
What's your favorite food? Chicken and ice cream.
I'm surprised she didn't say her favorite food is sour cream.
What are you going to be when you grow up? A colonel yike my friend da bird. (If anyone has any insight into who this colonel bird is please let me know. We have no idea.)
What's your favorite thing to do with Mama? Paint. (Said as she paints her sour cream onto her hand with her fork.)
What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Fly Baby game!
What's your favorite toy? Play wif trees. What else? F'owers. Flowers that you smell or flour that you cook with? Flour dat you cook wif. (This surprises me not at all.)
What does Daddy do at work? Ride a bicycle.
Who's your best friend? Daddy. (Not going to lie- I wanted her to say me.) Is Grammy my fwend? Is Aunt Squiddz? Is Stephanie?
What is something Mommy says to you? 'Go potty!' I want more sour c'eam.
What did you do today? Go to school. Mommy had a hard time going to da moon. (????????)
Reading one of her many Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear books at the exact minute she
turned two and a half.
What makes you happy? You make me happy! Does fishing make me happy? I all done.

Friday, September 23, 2016

none of this is necessary information

subtitled- more never-ending documentation of my health issues

After the success of MDO on Tuesday I spent some time considering how we'd spend the rest of the week. It's hard to top the excitement of riding a plastic car around the playground but I was going to try. Lucky for me the germs decided to visit and dictate how my days would go.
On Monday I pulled and/or pinched something in my neck and shoulder area. It was awful. I spent a good part of the week applying huge IcyHot patches, wrapped in the heating pad and popping ibuprofen like candy. I imagine this is what it's like to be 96. It was very glamorous. Just when I got to the point where I could look to the left without turning my whole body, I came down with either a head cold due to allergies and/or an ear and sinus infection. I'm not new to the ear infection world so I feel confident in that self-diagnoses. I called the doctor to make an appointment this morning and the nurse told me it's "too early" to make an appointment. If I'm still having pain on Monday I can come in. She even said "I have an toothache right now and it's making my ear hurt but I don't have an ear infection." I really wanted to say ''THIS IS ABOUT ME NOT YOU'' but I didn't. I've lived with myself for a long time now, I think I know when something is off. I'm taking every medication I can think of to make my face feel normal and stop the stabbing pain in my ear. I ventured into the world of Dayquil & Nyquil and let me tell you that it is delightful. I took some last night and fell right asleep. I was overjoyed when I discovered not one, not two, but seven bottles of Day and Nyquil on our extras shelf. I don't know how we ended up with so many but I'm not complaining.

(Isn't this riveting to read? I hope I get an award for it.) 

Speaking of being 96 years old, I once again forgot how old I am. Last year I firmly believed I was going to turn 25 on my birthday. I was going to turn 26. Two days ago I had to ask Christopher how old I am and he said "I don't know." Why does he not know the age of his only and favorite wife? When I realized I'm 27 and not 26 I had a moment. It was really tragic. Christopher told me that "this needs to stop happening and you need to keep track of your age." Such a comfort in my time of distress. If it wasn't going to change every year I'd tattoo my age on my arm.

Annabelle has had some moments of her own this week. She's started the time honored toddler tradition of crying over nothing. She cried because I went to the cellar without her. She cried because I had to turn on the tv in order for her to watch a show. 
She's had some good moments too. Yesterday I was warming up leftover chicken for lunch and she wandered over to investigate. She asked if I was making "chicken fums (thumbs)." I had no clue what she was talking about but she kept repeating it. Then I realized she meant chicken fingers. This afternoon I asked what she wanted to do and she said "I just gonna go write my blog." I imagine her blog would look something like this:

I wanted some chicken fums today but all Mom had was regular chicken. Think I'll go cry about it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sesame goes to school

The long awaited day in Annabelle's life finally happened. She officially goes "to school". A school that is all of three hours a week and serves goldfish and apple juice. I'm not a school person but I'd sign up for that experience.

We made a big deal out of today being the first day of Mother's Day Out. I know it's somewhat of a small thing in the grand scheme of life but it's big for us. I've never left her with strangers before. She's never been to any kind of daycare. Since we've always lived far from home and don't have a babysitter it's been her and I all day, every day for the last 904 days. I had such bad anxiety when she was little it took me 7 months to leave her in the church nursery. On the flip side, there have been MANY MANY days I wanted nothing more than to have a morning to myself and here I was presented with the opportunity for one whole morning a week on my own. It's a motherhood jackpot. It was a very emotional time.

Christopher made us blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. She was so excited that Daddy came with us.
I was expecting crying but the drop off went so well. We've been to the school three times before so we were familiar with the teachers and the room. Annabelle didn't cry either. 
While my offspring was having the time of her life with the Elmo desk, I was sitting in the car not knowing what to do with myself. Last week I had an entire list of things I wanted to do and today I couldn't think of what to do. Finally I came to my senses and went to Dunkin Donuts. Every good day starts there. I strolled around shops and boutiques and meandered through Francescas. Yes, I just went there two days ago but it was a different location so I had to do some retail research. I even had time to do a little sewing. I might have been thinking to myself that I should sign her up for a second morning at MDO. 

"I dunno what it says, Mama!" You mean I'm paying big bucks for this school and you don't know how to read yet?
The yellow scribbles are her attempt at writing her name. It's illegible because she's a celebrity. 
Look at that picture to the left of the poem. She was only about two months old.
First she's in my lap, then she's writing poems. Soon she'll be a grandmother. BRB. Gotta go cry.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

weekend report

Annabelle is at such a fun age for new activities. She feeds off enthusiasm and since I get very into little things she follows suit. She is always telling us she's "so 'cited!" about things. A few weeks ago I found a local event called Bufflemania at a local science museum. We are big bubble fans so I immediately bought tickets.

We talked about it for weeks. I showed her pictures from previous years which showed bubbles galore. Every day she said "I so 'cited for Bubblemania! I go tomorrow!" It was a Big Event.
I'm here to tell you that it was a flop. Or maybe more accurately, a pop. There was a small children's area with water tables and bubbles and another room with flashing lights and glowing bubbles. That's about it. Even the BubbleBot robot that seemed so cool on paper was just a glorified remote control car operated by a couple of high school boys. I know nothing about building robots so I'm not saying I could have done better, but I expected more than four bubbles to come out. But AB enjoyed herself for a while which is all that matters. When she got bored at the water table we explored the rest of the museum. I thought she'd be interested in the fake taxidermy animals but instead she was scared of them. Christopher showed her some artifacts and ancient drums which very briefly held her attention before she started saying she wanted to see something else. It filled up a few hours of our day but I don't think we'd go again. We can have more bubbles to play with and eat for free without leaving our house.
Last night when Annabelle went to bed I taught Christopher how to sew a pillowcase. We started the project two months ago so clearly we shouldn't open an Etsy shop or anything that requires sticking to a strict time schedule. His cutting skilz need a little work but overall he did well. The pillow fit into the pillowcase so I'd say it was a job well done. The fabric does not match any of the seven carefully selected throw pillows on our bed, but it's his pillow so it lives on his side of the bed and I try not to think about it. 

The next two days are big for us. Tomorrow after music class the teacher planned an ice cream party. Annabelle is bursting with excitement. Like her mother she loves a good party and she can't believe that someone would have a whole party dedicated to ice cream. Tuesday is her first day of MDO. She can't stop talking about how she's going to school.   
She's "bery cited" for both events. I might need to eat some ice cream so I don't cry when dropping her off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

just a couple of American girls

I am most pleased to report that we had a successful trip to Georgia and returned without spending multiple hours in urgent care and at the pharmacy. Unlike every trip to Texas, we didn't bring home germs as a souvenir. Georgia is still on my list of approved states to visit.

Despite being awake for 14 straight hours on Friday and not taking any nap longer than 7 minutes the whole weekend, Annabelle behaved so so well. Much like Mary Poppins, she was practically perfect in every way. 

Christopher's mother was there also and she suggested a trip to the American Girl store. I have loved American Girl dolls for as long as I can remember. I'm from the original generation who loved the dolls and books which have now been archived. I studied each new catalog and circled everything I wanted. I never got a doll or Bitty Baby but I was an AG expert nonetheless. It was so special to visit the store with Annabelle. It was possibly the best day of my year.
Sesame had so much fun. She's really gotten into dolls lately and the store was doll heaven. They had every baby item she could ever want and she played with it all.
Oma was so sweet and bought her a Bitty Baby. Whenever we'd ask her the doll's name she'd say "I don't yet" or "let me think about that." After some influencing on our part, she finally settled on Baby Violet. 
We got there Friday and left Sunday so it was a very quick trip. We might have spent more time traveling than actually visiting with the relatives. By the time we got to our gate at the airport to come home, AB was starting to fall apart. She said she wanted to lay down and take on a nap on the seat. 
How long is it acceptable to have a half full suitcase on your bedroom floor? Is four days too many? I'm asking for a friend.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Currently- the September Edition

Reading: Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle. Five stars all around. It's so so good. Waiting in the wings are Bebe Day by Day and Sunday's with Tiffany. I thought I'd get through all three books on vacation but I read all of one paragraph.

Making: zoodles. I love regular pasta with all my heart and soul, but I'm trying to be more healthy and that requires sacrifice. Two nights ago I stuck some zucchini in the spiralizer and cranked out some fake noodles. My Italian ancestors were turning over in their graves. It made my soul weep a little. The finished product wasn't as fabulous as regular pasta but it wasn't too bad either. The experimental meal last night was a sausage and vegetable paella with cauliflower "rice" instead of real rice. It was not spectacular. That's what I get for cheating on the fried rice from Asian Star. This eating healthy nonsense better pay off in the slimming waistline department. If not I'll be back to my real fried rice and nightly Klondike bars. Just kidding. I'll be back to my Klondike bars and Lindor truffles either way.
How pasta makes me feel.
Disagreeing: with Christopher. I say that when necessary, having the windows open during the day allows some breeze in the house, even if it's a warm breeze. He says that only works if it's cooler outside than inside, otherwise all I'm doing is letting hot air in. I said regardless of the temperature of the air it's still creating airflow which we NEED, since our air conditioner isn't working. It's been so stuffy in here we can barely breath. We're sweating bullets. He also stated that fans don't cool down a room, they only cool you off if you're in front of it, creating the illusion that the room is cooler. He pulled up six websites "proving his point." Apparently he's "stating facts" and "actual science.'' Science, shmience. One site featured a fan in a cooler complete with a graph. Who puts a fan in a cooler? That's doesn't make sense at all. I don't care what the Internet says. I'm stating what I know FROM REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. I have every downstairs window open and a fan on right now and the breeze is great. 

Annoyed with: our broken AC.

Unpacking from/repacking for: the beach/a trip to Georgia. I know you're thinking, "Didn't you just take a trip? Why are you always leaving?" Yes we did and I don't know. If only I got paid per mile traveled I could afford a trip to a tropical location. We'll only be in Georgia for two nights but I packed 9 necklaces. I like to be prepared for all situations.

(Update: Christopher just came in and said it's really hot in our house. Somehow he missed the FABULOUS cross-current and airflow and fan positioning I spent half the morning working on. #men.) 

Buying: maroon skinny jeans. I've never owned colored jeans before so this is a big fashion leap. The store was having a good sale so I also bought a dark gray pair. I'm trying to be a cool mom so AB won't be embarrassed when she's seen with me. 

Internally crying over: my ever increasing pants size. Why don't they have normal sized people working in clothing stores? I need someone with a little muffin top to unlock the dressing room door, not a woman wear size -4 pants and giant eyelashes. It's not good for my self esteem.

Picking up: pompoms. All day every day. Annabelle is obsessed with them and dumps them out the minute she comes downstairs in the morning. I'm counting my blessings that it's not styrofoam. That stuff sends me straight to Crazytown.

I'm off to have a super healthy supper of dandelion greens and lima beans.


I'm making BLT's with extra B.

Friday, September 2, 2016

if you don't like seeing vacation pictures you should X out now

As I mentioned a million years ago last time I blogged, we're on vacation with my family. We assembled at a beach house for a week and have the sunburns to show for it.
This girl has turned into such a beach bum. When we went a few weeks ago she was content to stick her toes in the water then sit under the umbrella and play for hours. No more, no more. Now she's decided it's more fun to run into the water then roll around in the sand. She got so much sand in her diaper she got a rash.
I loved spending time with Baby Ivy. We're going to exchange BFF necklaces for Christmas. I don't know why I didn't stick her in my suitcase and bring her home. 
Part of the reason for the family vaca was to celebrate Mom getting her Bachelors Degree. She put it on hold while she raised me and the hooligans her children and she recently finished her schooling. Sunday afternoon we got together and decorated a celebratory banner to hang on the wall. Some of us decorated. Aaron did nothing but drink beer and ask what time we were going to eat. 
The last time we were all together in the same place was my wedding. There was exactly 10 minutes over the weekend when we were all at the beach house and I made everyone assemble for a picture. I refuse to believe I'm so much shorter than Aaron. I was pushing him around in my doll stroller just last week and now he's five inches taller than me. Special thanks to Elizabeth for filling the shortest sibling spot so I don't have to.
Wednesday morning we went for hike. I forgot Annabelle was with us and only remembered when I heard her fall off the path into the woods. Yet another shining example of my great parenting. 
Aunt Squiddzen (aka Elizabeth) made AB a net from a mesh bag and a stick. She was "so 'cited!" about it.
We didn't catch any fish but Elizabeth caught a frog. I won't touch a frog with a 37' pole, let alone a net made from the bag that used to hold sidewalk chalk. I'm not embarrassed to admit I sat on the rock and screamed while she chased it down.

That afternoon Aaron asked me to cut his hair. I was so touched. The one who promised to share his life and stay with me through thick and thin doesn't even let me cut his hair. Many years ago when Aaron was the tender age of 7 I gave him a haircut. I didn't know to put the attachment on the buzzer so I accidentally shaved his head when all he needed was a trim. It was a tough time for both of us. This haircut went much more smoothly. I'm not a trained hair dresser so it took me over an hour but you can't rush perfection. Plus I was using scissors and didn't want to deal with injuries. It was a very personal experience. I provided potato chips and imparted my unasked for/unwanted advice. I have a lot of wisdom to share and I love a captive audience.
Sweet cousins hugging it out.
"Can't you take pictures of anything besides your child?"
Apparently not.
Yesterday Joanna came down for a visit. She's always the sweetest about making time for us when we come down and it means so much to me. Joanna gave herself the job of steerer (driver? direction giver?) and I would have been offended but it's probably just as well. We've been friends for 25 years now and she knows I'm terrible with directions. We got stuck in a rock bed and couldn't budge but we did better than the three overweight, pot smoking guys we rowed past so overall it was a success. Smooth sailing, if you will.  
Annabelle's inaugural ride in the canoe.
Now we're back at Grammy and Grampy's house to recover before driving back home. Sesame is eating up all the attention and I'm willingly handing her over to anyone who wants to entertain her for me. It's a win win all around.