Friday, September 2, 2016

if you don't like seeing vacation pictures you should X out now

As I mentioned a million years ago last time I blogged, we're on vacation with my family. We assembled at a beach house for a week and have the sunburns to show for it.
This girl has turned into such a beach bum. When we went a few weeks ago she was content to stick her toes in the water then sit under the umbrella and play for hours. No more, no more. Now she's decided it's more fun to run into the water then roll around in the sand. She got so much sand in her diaper she got a rash.
I loved spending time with Baby Ivy. We're going to exchange BFF necklaces for Christmas. I don't know why I didn't stick her in my suitcase and bring her home. 
Part of the reason for the family vaca was to celebrate Mom getting her Bachelors Degree. She put it on hold while she raised me and the hooligans her children and she recently finished her schooling. Sunday afternoon we got together and decorated a celebratory banner to hang on the wall. Some of us decorated. Aaron did nothing but drink beer and ask what time we were going to eat. 
The last time we were all together in the same place was my wedding. There was exactly 10 minutes over the weekend when we were all at the beach house and I made everyone assemble for a picture. I refuse to believe I'm so much shorter than Aaron. I was pushing him around in my doll stroller just last week and now he's five inches taller than me. Special thanks to Elizabeth for filling the shortest sibling spot so I don't have to.
Wednesday morning we went for hike. I forgot Annabelle was with us and only remembered when I heard her fall off the path into the woods. Yet another shining example of my great parenting. 
Aunt Squiddzen (aka Elizabeth) made AB a net from a mesh bag and a stick. She was "so 'cited!" about it.
We didn't catch any fish but Elizabeth caught a frog. I won't touch a frog with a 37' pole, let alone a net made from the bag that used to hold sidewalk chalk. I'm not embarrassed to admit I sat on the rock and screamed while she chased it down.

That afternoon Aaron asked me to cut his hair. I was so touched. The one who promised to share his life and stay with me through thick and thin doesn't even let me cut his hair. Many years ago when Aaron was the tender age of 7 I gave him a haircut. I didn't know to put the attachment on the buzzer so I accidentally shaved his head when all he needed was a trim. It was a tough time for both of us. This haircut went much more smoothly. I'm not a trained hair dresser so it took me over an hour but you can't rush perfection. Plus I was using scissors and didn't want to deal with injuries. It was a very personal experience. I provided potato chips and imparted my unasked for/unwanted advice. I have a lot of wisdom to share and I love a captive audience.
Sweet cousins hugging it out.
"Can't you take pictures of anything besides your child?"
Apparently not.
Yesterday Joanna came down for a visit. She's always the sweetest about making time for us when we come down and it means so much to me. Joanna gave herself the job of steerer (driver? direction giver?) and I would have been offended but it's probably just as well. We've been friends for 25 years now and she knows I'm terrible with directions. We got stuck in a rock bed and couldn't budge but we did better than the three overweight, pot smoking guys we rowed past so overall it was a success. Smooth sailing, if you will.  
Annabelle's inaugural ride in the canoe.
Now we're back at Grammy and Grampy's house to recover before driving back home. Sesame is eating up all the attention and I'm willingly handing her over to anyone who wants to entertain her for me. It's a win win all around.


Laura Darling said...

I'm dying about the story of forgetting AB was hiking with you until you heard her fall off the trail. That picture is priceless. Hey, you were on vacation! So glad you had a good time. That picture of all of the siblings is frame-worthy for sure.

Jen said...

That last picture is amazing! Sounds like you all had a great time!

Jane Mc said...

Love the story about forgetting AB was with you! All of us Moms have done that a time or three