Friday, September 30, 2016

Minnie Mouse sure knows how to party

I'm not sure if you're aware, but September 28th is Minnie Mouse's birthday. I wasn't aware until recently. AB is OBSESSED with birthday parties and had been asking to have a MM party for her "two year birfday." I didn't want to start a pattern of giving her a party every time she asks, so we had a party for Minnie Mouse instead. It seemed a little self-centered to have a Minnie Mouse themed party for Minnie Mouse, but she didn't let being in the spotlight go to her head. 
Naturally I had some Minnie and Mickey straws on hand.
All good manners went out the window at this party. Look at all those feet on the table! Miss Minnie Lookalike was delighted with the whole event. 
It was not one of my finer weeks days so I almost didn't do the party at all but I'm glad I did. I didn't realize until I saw this picture that I forgot to put bloomers on Annabelle. It's almost like I let her wander the streets naked! 
She wasn't too sure about the plates with ears situation.
The one thing Annabelle kept saying she wanted at the party was cake with a sparkly A on top. That was easy enough to accomplish but we never got around to adding frosting. 
The birthday girl only had a small piece of cake. Rumor has it she's on a diet. Christopher didn't know about the diet and gave her an apple and caramel dip as a gift. Annabelle volunteered to eat it for her. 
MM and AB both enjoyed the party. Hopefully Sesame doesn't ask that all of her stuffed animal friends have a real birthday party. I hear that Tigger is a real party animal.

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Jen said...

This is amazing, I love it! :)