Wednesday, September 14, 2016

just a couple of American girls

I am most pleased to report that we had a successful trip to Georgia and returned without spending multiple hours in urgent care and at the pharmacy. Unlike every trip to Texas, we didn't bring home germs as a souvenir. Georgia is still on my list of approved states to visit.

Despite being awake for 14 straight hours on Friday and not taking any nap longer than 7 minutes the whole weekend, Annabelle behaved so so well. Much like Mary Poppins, she was practically perfect in every way. 

Christopher's mother was there also and she suggested a trip to the American Girl store. I have loved American Girl dolls for as long as I can remember. I'm from the original generation who loved the dolls and books which have now been archived. I studied each new catalog and circled everything I wanted. I never got a doll or Bitty Baby but I was an AG expert nonetheless. It was so special to visit the store with Annabelle. It was possibly the best day of my year.
Sesame had so much fun. She's really gotten into dolls lately and the store was doll heaven. They had every baby item she could ever want and she played with it all.
Oma was so sweet and bought her a Bitty Baby. Whenever we'd ask her the doll's name she'd say "I don't yet" or "let me think about that." After some influencing on our part, she finally settled on Baby Violet. 
We got there Friday and left Sunday so it was a very quick trip. We might have spent more time traveling than actually visiting with the relatives. By the time we got to our gate at the airport to come home, AB was starting to fall apart. She said she wanted to lay down and take on a nap on the seat. 
How long is it acceptable to have a half full suitcase on your bedroom floor? Is four days too many? I'm asking for a friend.


Laura Darling said...

I would love to visit the AG place someday. I had Felicity growing up and she was like part of the family. I didn't go anywhere without her from the ages of 7-10. Welcome to the family, Violet.

Nicole said...

Ive never been to any American Girl store. My daughter didn't play with dolls, so I never had a reason. They do look pretty impressive!

Jen said...

Such a fun mother/daughter outing! :)

Jenn said...

There is an AG store in Manhattan and I am SO hoping Molly gets into dolls soon so we can go. I too lusted after them via the magazines (what evil soul kept sending them to me???) but never got a doll. After becoming an adult and seeing the prices, I guess I can understand why I was never given one, but still. Maybe cancel the constant barrage of AG magazine deliveries so my dreams can quietly fizzle out??? Molly is way more into animals than dolls so I'm not investing unless she starts showing a serious love of babies.

Amanda said...

I love this! Glad you all had a great trip. I was lucky to get a doll when I was a kid. One of the original ones... Molly. It's probably still at my parents house considering how much they paid for it.

baili said...

great sharing ,loved your cute little child .