Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas is becoming her favorite time of year

We had a busy Saturday. First, we dropped AB off at parents day out at MOPS. I was really proud of myself for signing her up because  I still don't love leaving her with other people. (Except on the days I want to break outta this house like a criminal escaping prison. Then I'd hand her off to almost anyone.) Christopher and I had a breakfast date then walked around the mall. In other words, we partied hard during our childless two hours.

In the afternoon I took Annabelle to a Christmas party put on by A Soldier's Child Foundation. She wore the second dress in her Christmas dress rotation. It's a real shame she's a shabby looking child.

The party was held at a church downtown and a grand total of 800 children were signed up to attend. I like kids but that's A LOT OF CHILDREN in one spot. Every family got a blanket, a book and a bag of gifts specifically bought for each child. I've always been on the giving end of these events so it felt extremely weird to be the one receiving. I almost didn't sign Annabelle up for it because I felt so odd. Annabelle didn't feel odd at all. She waved at everyone, pulled on the pompom hat of the girl in front of her, ate a container of apple sauce, and loved the music. Basically, all her Christmas dreams came true in one hour.
I managed to get most of our faces in the picture. My selfie skills are improving.
I wish we could met the family who picked out gifts for Annabelle. They wrote us the sweetest card and gave us this big bag. It was so generous of them.
She opened one gift yesterday and we're saving the rest for Christmas. Not that she notices there are more in the bag. All they needed to do was give her the gold bow. She played with it for 15 minutes straight. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

words on Wednesday

Once again I feel have no interesting/comical/heartwarming stores to share. It's more of the same ole same ole over here. Sweeping the floor four times a day, grocery shopping, and getting stuck under chairs. Our life is really wild right now.

* I designed our Christmas cards and put them in the cart before realizing I didn't put our names on them. I hope this doesn't cause much confusion. If you get a card from us and don't recognize our picture than I think something is wrong with our friendship.

* We don't have our tree(s) up yet. We were going to start putting them up Sunday night, then Monday night and now it's Wednesday and we're still treeless. What we do have is a lovely collection of 16 snowman figurines of every shape and size imaginable given to us by a couple from church. Snowmen have taken over our living room.   

* I'm currently in search of semi-coordinating pajamas for our family. I was originally only searching for matching pajamas for Sesame and I, but I didn't want to leave Christopher out of the fun. I'm looking for something a little more subtle than this bear butt family. (Although it is a million times better than being a bare butt family.)

* I took Annabelle to the mall yesterday as a reward for being so good at the doctors office. She requested we look around Forever 21. Who was I to say no to her desire to check out the inexpensive jewelry? Observation number one: no one else in there was pushing a stroller. Certainly no one else had put significant effort into dressing their child in a cute Christmas sweater. Observation number two: none of their dresses are nursing friendly. (Where did I think I was? Motherhood Maternity?) Observation number three: I don't think the aztec legging trend does me any favors. 

We went through H & M before we left the mall because I needed to boost my confidence by shopping at a store without an age in it's name. I found a shirt to try on but in the dressing room I made the unfortunate discovery that none of the stalls had doors. Whose brilliant idea was it to put curtains instead of doors? I felt like I was changing out in the middle of the store. The curtain swished every time someone walked by. Talk about taking the joy out of shopping.   

* On Sunday night we went to a Christmas concert at church. Sesame Pie enjoys music so she stayed with us instead of going to the nursery. At one point I sat her down on the seat next to me and gave her a snack to keep her quiet. She looked so cute sitting there with her little feet sticking out from under her dress and like such a big girl that I almost cried. Just last week we took her to church for the first time and she was barely 6lbs. Now she waves to everyone and is the little star who all the old people love and fight over. 

* I went pottery painting with my new friend Tiffany! She was so kind and didn't make fun of me for taking two hours to paint fifteen dots onto a bowl. Rembrandt I am not. (Tiffany will backup my story that everyone at church loves AB. She goes to church with us now (!!) and has seen it first hand. I don't say it just because I'm AB's mother.)

* Annabelle's stylist bought her more Christmas dresses than there are Sundays in December. She wore the first of the dresses on Sunday in honor of George's Irish/Scottish heritage. 
Double chins look so much cuter on her than on me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A day in my life according to me. By, Annabelle

6:02- Rude awakening thanks to a diaper malfunction.
6:20- I'm wearing new pjs, drinking a bottle (aka first breakfast) with Dad and watching Mom put a new sheet on my crib.
7:41- I awake for the day and wonder when Mom will get me up. She doesn't arrive for 10 minutes.
8:10- Mom nurses me aka I have my second breakfast.
8:40- Third breakfast! We're out of all the good breakfast food (muffins, oatmeal, butter which means we can't have toast) so I eat rice krispie cereal. 
9:30- Bath in the big tub!
9:58- My head is squeezed through a tiny hole. Apparently this is what they call "getting dressed".
10:02- Down for a nap.
10:20- I cry until Mom picks me up and nurses me. I need that midmorning snack to get through my nap.
10:57- I decide Mom's had enough alone time. Time to play, eat puffs and pull on the curtains.
11:15- Dance party to Christmas music! 
11:50- I have a healthy lunch of apple sauce with aronia berry. Mom says she doesn't know what aronia berry is but she's giving it to me anyway. Is that safe?
12:30- I spend 15 minutes playing with a mini gourd. Mom still hasn't put away her fall decor yet.
12:50- Mom notices I'm eating Dad's playing cards with the confederate flag on them. She says even though the confederate flag isn't her favorite doesn't mean I should be eating it. #partypooper
12:52- She sticks her finger in my mouth and pulls out a wad of paper. 
12:53- I fall over and smack my head on the floor. TEARS.
12:55- We're going outside! To the mailbox! My favorite daily activity! 
1:10- We sit in the rocking chair so I can have second lunch.
1:20- I play my piano like the child prodigy that I am. I go crazy and play with my feet while holding a green ball because YOLO.
2:00- nap time
2:43- THIS NAP TIME IS OVER. (Mom is not happy with me. She says I've had horrible naps today.)
3:00- Mom says we need to get out of the house so we go to the grocery store. 
3:37- I'm sandwiched between two boxes of crackers and a roll of plastic wrap.
4:28- Eating crackers in my highchair while watching Mom decorate the mantle. She hasn't asked my opinion.
6:00- I enjoy a meal of peas, carrots and more crackers.
6:18- I randomly yell "hi" to no one in particular.
6:30- I look at the American Girl magazine for a present to get myself give Prince George for Christmas.
6:52- I'm stuck under my exersaucer.
7:07- Pajama/Bible book/nightly snack time.
7:20- Mom sings to me then we do our nightly ritual of touching the elephant lamp, waving to the Paddington Bear stuffed animal and hitting the elephants on my mobile.
7:33- Mom puts me in bed and says good night. Says she loves me but doesn't want to see me again until the morning.
7:41- I'm writing this from my crib. Don't tell Mom but I'm not asleep. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I have to get Thanksgiving out of my system so I can fully embrace Christmas.

"Thank the Lord and pass the mashed potatoes."
If you don't count the 14 pictures I took of Annabelle in her turkey skirt and the five I took of my table centerpiece, I barely took any pictures of our Thanksgiving. Imagine a turkey, a bowl of cranberry sauce and a table full of dishes and you have a good idea of our day.

We had our friends Jordan, Sarah and Zack over. We played Taboo and the teams were guys against girls. The score was something like 67 to 43. I'd be more specific about who got 43 points but my spirit is still bruised. 

You can look at this as a sweet mother/daughter picture, or you can focus on the blank picture frame we have on our wall. What you can't see is we have six frames on that wall and only four have photos in them. It's been like that for a week. It's always a miracle our marriage survives hanging frames. Actually filling them all in a timely manner is expecting too much. The phrase you're looking for is Mr. and Mrs. Martha Stewart. 
I'll tell you what I'm most thankful for- you can't see the white hair in my eyebrow.
This white hair nonsense is getting out of control.

BRB. Gotta go plan my Christmas decorations.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

eight month Annabelle

Another month, another picture.
Completely not caring that Mom is making a big fuss about me turning 8 months old.
One sock on, one sock off. Starting fashion trends among the babies of the world. 
Making it quick this month. I have walls to roll into and snacks to eat.

Vital statistics: Somewhere around 14.5 pounds and long enough that my pants are getting short.
New favorite foods: mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and muffins
Milestones of my young life this month:
* I learned how to say hi and will say it while waving.
* I am this close to crawling. No one else in the house is excited about this development. 
* I've become a big fan of Dad. The more bottles he gives me the more I like him. It's win win for everyone. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

this and that and some other things going on

Wearing: Skinny jeans that are an inch too short and two inches to big around the waist. I've spent most of the day pulling the pants up while ensuring that they don't look too short. They're so comfortable that I haven't changed into pants that actually fit. I'm also wearing fuzzy Christmas socks. It's the season, falala. 

In related wardrobe malfunction stories, the first time we went on a date after the baby was born was for our anniversary. I didn't plan my wardrobe well so I ended up wearing a cute strapless dress with a strapless bra that fit fine in days of yore. I didn't consider my suddenly enlarged chest size when I put the bra on so I spent the whole night reaching down my dress to pull it back up to the right spot. I hate watching people fix their bra but there I was, sitting in a fancy restaurant tugging away. Christopher was never so delighted to be seen with me in public. 

Watching: Gilmore Girls, 19 Kids and Counting and The Blacklist. I would like to move to Stars Hollow and be best friends with everyone in that town. I'm considering naming my next daughter Lorelai. 

Annabelle very seldom watches shows but we always watch 19 Kids together. She is MESMERIZED by Mrs. Duggar. She's stopped crying when Mrs. D appears on the scene more than once. Anyone who can make another persons baby stop crying through a screen deserves some sort of medal. I'd pay quite a bit of money for an extra large dose of Mrs. Duggar's patience and perfect skin. 

The Blacklist. WHERE DO I START. I don't normally watch shows centered around law enforcement but I am hooked. The only problem with the show is I now have 42,000 new ways I might be kidnapped/injured/killed rattling around in my brain. It never occurred to be worried about death through chemical baths BUT NOW I AM. 

Attempting: to decorate a Pinterest worthy Thanksgiving table. It's not going so well. I went to the dollar store to pick up a few Fall decorations but all I found was five rolls of ribbon and some fake fruit. Had I wanted to decorate with stockings or trashy looking Santas there were options galore. 

Reading: a book about Kate Middleton and B is for Bears (Big bears! Little bears! Compassionate bears!). Sometimes we mix it up and read Hippos Go Berserk. Story time over here is WILD.

Discovering: Our baby monitor is an intercom. It was a big discovery for me. My life is so very different than is used to be. 

Wanting: People to stop posting videos on facebook that say, "Grab tissues before you watch this! It's sure to make you cry!" and "If this doesn't make you smile then you don't have a heart!" when it's a video of a cat helping a squirrel climb a bird feeder. I do have a heart, thankyouverymuch. It just doesn't melt when I watch cat videos. 

Wondering: if people still use Twitter or if Instagram has taken over the world. At least I was wondering that until Christopher said, "I was on my twitter account the other day..." Your twitter account? I think the world started spinning in the opposite direction.

Wishing: Annabelle hadn't started laughing during church when the pastor was talking about how his wife died last year.