Thursday, November 16, 2017

to grandmothers house we go

Last week AB and I took a last minute trip down to my hometown.

We had somewhat of a rocky start. I went out to the car to turn it around to make packing the trunk easier. Sesame saw me pulling into the road, thought I was leaving her behind and came charging out of the house wearing only a shirt and diaper. She was dragging her blanket and crying hysterically. I had no idea she was there until I almost backed into her. My car was half in the driveway and half in our very busy road while I tried to explain I wasn't leaving and she needed to go back in the house. She was so upset. When we got on the road the GPS told me to take exit 31. I'm bad at directions but I knew that wasn't right. I knew we should go straight. I wondered if maybe the GPS knew there was traffic on our route so I followed it. It brought me to Trader Joes. I like TJ's but not when I'm wrongly sent there while still recovering from nearly running over my baby. 

The day after we arrived Annabelle started getting sick. Christopher and I both had the flu so it was only a matter of time before she bit the dust. She was coughing and had a fever of 103. We made trip to urgent care to rule out her yearly bronchitis. The doctor wanted her to have an xray done to see if she had pneumonia. The nurse handed me the lead vest to put on and something that looked like a bandanna to put over my thyroid. I confused my thyroid with my ovaries and tried to wrap the thing around my waist. Apparently the thyroid resides in ones throat. Obviously I did not go to school for anatomy.2

The poor girl woke up every single night from coughing spells. She'd ask to come in my bed and when I brought her over she'd put her knees under my chin or her legs on my neck. I didn't sleep through the night for days on end. Elizabeth kindly offered to sleep in the guest room with her so I could sleep upstairs and get a full night rest. I slept in that room for 21 years but haven't since I got married. It felt a little sentimental. I did a celebratory dance at the thought of sleeping all night.
As these things go, I woke up twice because I was cold but AB didn't wake up once. Of course.

Elizabeth is preparing for her licence test so I took her out on the road to pass on my road skilz. It was terrifying. She drives slower than any little old lady I have ever seen. I constantly had to tell her speed up. She has issues with being on the wrong side of the road. She may look happy and confident...
 but this is how I felt driving with her. I feared for my life.
One afternoon we went to Target to see Joanna Gaines new line. I didn't want to go and be the stereotypical white lady walking around Target in leggings, but my desire to see the new items was overpowering. I loved it all. I loved seeing all the Christmas things too. Annabelle was as enthralled as I was and she told me "we should buy dis one and dis one AND DIS ONE IS THE BEST OF ALL!" She is her mother's daughter.

It's always tricky trying to visit Aaron when we're in town. He has a very busy work/social schedule and the only time he could fit me for the 9:45pm-12:15am viewing of Thor. I seldom leave the house after 8, let alone arrive at the theater at 9:30, but I'll do anything for my favorite little brother! I forgot to bring a real snack to share with him and Elizabeth but I handed out what I had- sticks of gum. You can always count on me to bring a real party.
We spent our last night at Daniel and Erika's. The girls adore each other. Baby Ivy is growing so fast and they can really play together now. Ivy is a genius child who can already spell her name. She's not even 2 yet. The minute I found that out I really buckled down on Annabelle learning to spell her name. Ivy does have a significant leg up by having such a short name.
We drove home yesterday and I can say without one bit of exaggeration that it was the longest drive in the history of drives. We're going away for Thanksgiving next week but we're flying so I won't have the weight of getting there solely on myself.  With me in charge we'd end up at Trader Joes instead of Tennessee. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

you can't live at my house and not have a birthday party

Of the three people who live in this home, one plays birthday every day, one loves a good party and one couldn't care less about his birthday. This weekend was the birthday of Mr. No Party. He doesn't have much of a chance of not having a celebration living with two party girls.

Annabelle has had her 4th birthday party theme of dragonflies planned for months. She assumed Christopher had also been thinking of his party theme for months but he had not (how shocking). He said she could pick for him. We went to Walmart and she picked blue plates, Harry Potter cups and Harry Potter eye glasses. I put the eye glasses back and we lost the cups somewhere between the store and home but it's the thought that counts. It was sweet to see her so excited about Daddy's big day.

I asked my friend to babysit Sesame on Saturday night so we could go out on a rare date. We decided to go to the movie to see the new Thor. We had to reserve seats online and the only available were two in the front row. A family was already spread out in the front row and we didn't want to bother them so we sat directly behind them. A couple came up to us, said we were in their seats and wouldn't listen to our polite explanation. We moved down the row and immediately before the movie started another couple came and said we were in their seats. We looked like idiots teenagers who were trying to sneak into a movie without paying. Finally we sat down in the seats the family who took our seats should have been sitting in. I'm going to start campaigning for assigned movie theater seating to be ended. It makes me look bad. (Or people could just sit where they're supposed to.) (I'm done.)

Christopher's birthday dessert of choice was key lime pie. I had never made it before and was pleasantly surprised with how well it appeared to have turned out. It wasn't until we started eating it that I realized the crust was raw. I used a premade crust and assumed it was ready to go. It was not. I'm going to believe Julia Child made the same mistake. Other than the crust it was very tasty.
Green sprinkles and random candle placement courtesy of my party planning protege in training.
Annabelle gave Christopher the sweetest book called Tell Me a Tattoo Story. She's very interested in his tattoos or, as she calls them, "Daddy's coloring book." 
This morning Annabelle asked when our next family birthday is. She needs enough time to start thinking of the next theme.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

trunk or treat

Our jungle trunk or treat was a success. We had a discussion about whether is was jungle or safari themed, but either way it was full of animals and plants.  
I went with the lion onesie which turned out to be a solid choice. There were so many people there someone would have punctured my inflatable elephant back. We could have also done The Wizard of Oz but I didn't think of that in time. 
Annabelle could not have had a better night. She loved handing out the candy and said "Hi! Happy hawoween! Here ya go!" all night. Multiple people thought she was a cat but she corrected every single one. "No! I'm a tiger. A TIGER." She was the cutest tiger I ever did see.

Monday, October 30, 2017

halloween happenings

Back in January I said I was going to blog more frequently. I've only blogged twice in the last eight days so it's safe to say that goal is not being achieved.

On Thursday I took Annabelle to the shoe store. I rarely buy clothes for her when she's with me because it's so much easier to do it alone. Beyond her Minnie Mouse rain boots and wanting to wear dresses she hasn't voiced much of an opinion about clothes. Picking out her clothes myself is a train I intended to ride as far as the track will take me. I mentioned she would need new sneakers soon and she said she wanted light up shoes. She was very specific about which kind of light up shoes so we went together. She wanted light up shoes with characters on the side. I found a Frozen pair in her size but she didn't want Frozen characters. Is her Frozen obsession coming to an end? Has the earth started to rotate in the opposite direction? Next we tried on Paw Patrol shoes and she liked them but said she "didn't like them enough so let's look at the other shoe store." After the third pair (lights but no characters) didn't meet her approval we went to Target. There we found a pair that her friend at school has and she fell in love with them. They do not have any characters on the side. The fact that we could have bought non-character shoes at the first store and called it a day is not lost on me. 

That might be the most boring paragraph I have ever written in my life but it does have a point. The point is I went to Target. I seldom go to Target but I found myself there twice in one day. While perusing the shoe and pullup aisles I came across a lion costume. I haven't yet nailed down what I'll be for halloween but a lion is within the right theme. That is how I found myself trying a lion onesie costume in the Target dressing room. If you thought I was going to try it on in the middle of the pajama/lingerie section for all to see you haven't been around here long enough. 
I think the socks are the perfect touch.
Listen. I'm not proud of how I look in either of these pictures but I need you to know exactly what I'm dealing with in the costume department. I have 18 hours before I have to be wearing a costume at trunk or treat so I need to decide on something asap. This Halloween business it too much. I need to go back to not acknowledging the day even exists. 
In other Halloween news, why do preschool moms go all out for every holiday? When I brought AB to MDO today I went by countless parents with highly decorated cookies, fruit wrapped in dough to look like mummies and containers of playdough with pipe cleaner spider legs glued on top. You know what I brought to the party? Apple cider. I signed up to bring apple slices for tomorrow's party and am feeling the pressure to cut them out with a cookie cutter in the shape of a pumpkin. I love a good celebration but it never occurred to me that I needed to bring personalized gifts for everyone in the class on Halloween. I save my classroom creativity for Christmas and Valentines. 

My costume is not be finalized but Annabelle will be wearing her tiger costume to MDO tomorrow. The glue might still be wet from the final gluing tonight but she'll be rocking her fancy light up sneakers.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I'm praying there's no video footage of my performance

Three days later I'm here to report that I survived the ladies retreat. Praise the Lord for He continues to work miracles. 

I drove up with two girls from church whose children are friends of Annabelle's from Sunday school. They're sisters in law and best friends who gave me the scoop on who's who and what's what. I always love hearing the scoop. We got there right as dinner was starting and I felt so awkward. I didn't know where to stand or what to do. Most of the ladies there have been going to this church for years and I was the new kid on the block but they welcomed me in.

As a general rule I don't enjoy ice breaker games that involve some kind of performance. The younger half of the planning committee decided we should do a lip sync competition. NO THANK YOU. Unfortunately it was mandatory participation. I was in a group with a very outgoing girl which I thought would be our ticket to winning. I don't enjoying performing but I am competitive so I wanted to win. She picked a song from Mulan because "it's energetic and exciting and we can really get into it." Turns out she and one other girl were the only ones who got into it. Three of us didn't know the song so we stood there looking like idiots. Someone grabbed sticks for us to use as props which we used to fake fight with each other. It was a mess. There were five teams competing and we got honorable mention aka last place.

A lady spoke about unity and shared some good tidbits which I immediately butchered when I tried to share them with Christopher. Twice on Saturday we formed groups and prayed aloud. NEED I MENTION AGAIN MY DISLIKE OF PRAYING IN A GROUP. About forty women were in attendance and by my quick calculations, 98% were crying. Thank goodness there weren't any men in attendance. A room full of crying women is every man's nightmare. The second time we gathered for prayer it took our group 8 minutes (I timed it) to decide how to pray. Would we pray for the person to our right? To our left? Were we praying for the women at the retreat or whatever we felt led to pray for? Should one person pray for all of us? Should those who don't like praying aloud be allowed to skip this portion of the weekend? Did everyone find out that Amy's cat was hit by a car? Is Amy going to get a replacement cat? Should we pray for Amy about the passing of Ricky? Should every other person pray? Should we start praying since the other groups are already done? Again, it was a man's nightmare. 

We made crafts, played games until late into the night and went zip lining. I'm glad I worked up the courage to go because I did enjoy it, but I was peopled out by the time I got home. The only people I need are the two who live in my house. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday five

1. Tonight I'm attending a ladies retreat with church. Raise your hand if this shocks you. I'm raising my hand higher than anyone.
It goes without saying that I don't generally sign myself up for events with people I don't know, but I'm trying to make more friends at church. I've tried coming up with many MANY reasons to say home but none were legit enough. Apparently needing to be around in case the ice maker breaks isn't a good enough reason.

I've spent nights away from Annabelle before but I still get nervous about it. Parenthood has not been good for my anxiety. I told Annabelle I was going anyway for a while and I would miss her. She patted the back of my head and said, "It's ok, Mom. You'll have lots of fun. Me and Daddy will see you when you get back." She then gave me kisses and hugs to bring with me. She also gave me two stuffed animals, along with their bag of food. She wanted to give me six but I didn't have the room. 

This meme rings as true as ever. I packed four pairs of earrings.  
2. Annabelle has started wearing her rainboots and whistle everywhere we go. We went on a Mommy/Sesame date to Dunkin Donuts this morning and she insisted on wearing them both. We drove the extra seven minutes to the DD where my friend works and she gave us a free munchkin. (It's really paid off to have a friend in management at DD. Not that I'm in the friendship for the free products but they are a nice bonus.) We went to the little zoo (aka the pet store) where Annabelle "blew a little tune" for the animals. I'm sure the mice really appreciated it.

3. I am not a fan of halloween. I love dressing AB up but other than that I wouldn't mind if it was removed from the calendar. For months AB said she wanted to be a butterfly for halloween. She was a butterfly last year and everything still fit so I was happy for her to pick such a low effort costume. Several weeks ago she decided to be a tiger which has required several trips to Joann's and lots of fabric cutting. Christopher said he'd join her and be a bear. Our church is having a trunk or treat and asked people to sign up as trunk decorators. I wasn't planning on dressing up at all but I didn't want to look like the Halloween Scrooge of the family. I decided we could do a jungle themed trunk and I could be a safari guide/zookeeper. Subtle yet participatory. Christopher thinks I should be this instead.
So long, subtle costume. Not only would I stand out like someone riding an inflatable elephant, I'd have to worry about not breaking the fan as I chase down a small tiger.

4. Several months ago we had our neighborhood cookout. Cathleen the tattooed from four houses down brought a container of yellow watermelon. I meant to return the container to her the following week but I forgot. Somehow it ended up on top of the refrigerator holding chip clips, a screwdriver, glasses from the eclipse and army sunglasses. I remembered about the container only when it fell on my head. It's been so long since the cookout it feels weird to return it now. Maybe I'll return it while disguised as an elephant rider.

5. How many times can a three year old call for her mother during quiet time? The answer is 12.