Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekend words

* Yesterday Annabelle and I had a picnic at the playground/splash pad. It was in the mid 80's so we took advantage of the sun and brought her bathing suit and sand toys. The sign in the bathroom door said the splash pad would be closing for the season on August 31st but the water is still on. Naturally after all the effort of locating a bathing suit she was more interested in playing in the mud outside the splash pad than actually splashing in it. The drain in the splash pad wasn't working which meant there was about 5'' of standing water. (It's a This bothered exactly zero children but cranky Steve from the parks department was furious. He stood in the puddle complaining about lazy Shane who should have taken care of the drain last week. By then AB wanted to splash but she didn't want to be near Cranky Steve. Finally lazy Shane showed up, not with tools to fix the drain but a leaf blower. He blew all the water away, as one does with a leaf blower. Lazy Shane knows how to get a job done after all.

* We watched Wonder Woman this week. It was fine. I didn't love it but it was entertaining. I've heard many people say they prefer their daughters watching Wonder Woman over princess movies because it's "more realistic." How is she any more realistic than Cinderella or Belle? I have never once in my life broken through a window with a shield and if I had, my hair for sure wouldn't still look good. 
I am 110% on board with how Wonder Woman looks at pizza. It's unbelievably realistic. 

* My friend went back to work recently and I watch her son on Thursday afternoons. He's almost a year younger than Annabelle but completely potty trained, a fact I mention every time he's over. Of course there is a downside to watching a boy who doesn't wear diapers. He's here for 24 minutes and I find a trail of pee all around the toilet. Gina doesn't pay me much but I haven't worked and made money in so long I feel like a millionaire. 

* Annabelle and I were in the bathroom together brushing our teeth. She looked up at me and said, "Wow, Mom. You're really growing." My weight loss and body transformation goals are obviously not being achieved. I wonder if that ever happened to Wonder Woman. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sesame goes to school

Yesterday was Annabelle Sesame Pie Lee's first day of MDO for the year. 
Yes, I succumb to the peer pressure and got a letter board.

Her teacher last year was Miss Tracy. I LOVED her but she broke her foot twice and isn't teaching right now. A few weeks ago I went to the school to bring paperwork. Miss Tracy's substitute from last year was wearing a cast on her foot. I went into the office and the principle had a broken arm. Broken bones better not be contagious! 

We discussed her morning on the ride home and I heard as much about animals as I did about school.
What did you play at school? Wif the cars and the blocks. Have you seen a turtle swimming in a car? 
Did you go outside? Yeah, we p'ayed in the caterpillar and rode the bikes. Do you know about buluga whales? 
What else did you do? We ate yittle pretzel and a yittle bit of juice. I saw Miss Tracy in the hallway when I was walking in a single line to the p'ayground and I did a veeeeery slooooow wave to her."

All that playing and pretzel eating resulted in a 3 hour nap. I should sign her up for every day to get that kind of peaceful afternoon!

Friday, September 15, 2017

currently: the end of summer edition

Buying: matching Christmas pajamas for the entire family. I bought a Christmas ornament in Maine so I'll be ready to party as soon as November rolls around.

Reading: First Women, the Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies, by Kate Anderson Brower. Four stars. A thus far unachieved goal of mine is to be First Lady so I read everything I can about the position. I've offered my services to Melania Trump is she ever wants to take the day off but I haven't heard from her yet.
Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle. Five stars. I've read Melanie's blog for years and own all her books. They're on my book shelf in the ''bloggers who write books'' section. I really enjoyed her book on friendship but CotST might be my new favorite. I love how she writes about life with humor and adds bits of scripture and truth without being preachy. 

"Deep down we struggle to believe God is going to lead us to what is best for us. It's our internal voice that whispers we will never be enough, so we work and worry and feel like we must do something big, something huge to prove our worth and to make sure our life matters. We have to host a conference, starts a movement, adopt fifteen kids, or fight human trafficking to really matter. Which are all great things, but thinking this way can cause us to lose sight of the small things that can also change a life: bringing dinner to a sick neighbor, smiling at a waitress who's having a bad day, reading to your kids before bed, and simply praying for someone going through a rough time."  

I love that quote because I always feel like I should be doing something more impressive with my life. I love listening to podcasts but sometimes feel so insignificant because these women start companies, build orphanages and flip homes while homeschooling their 10 children and feeding them a hormone-free diet. I can't even remember to take the meat out of the freezer in time for supper. I've always said it doesn't matter to me if my kids are famous (although an olympic figure skater would be nice) as long as they're good, kind people who love others. If it's true for Annabelle than I should believe it about myself too.

Googling: Do puppies lose their baby teeth? It came up in a book AB and I were reading and she wanted to know if it was true. Not being a veterinarian I had no idea. The world wide web says they do. 

Excited/beyond sympathetic for: Kate Middleton. In case you live under a rock or simply don't care about the life of the royals (like he who shall remain nameless but to whom I am married), you probably heard that Kate is pregnant again. I am beyond excited. I pay close attention to their goings on and am delighted there will be three royal children. I COULD NOT be more sympathetic to how she feels. I dealt with hyperemesis once and it took me more than two years to even begin discussing the possibility of having another child. Kate has been through this three times in five years. Unless you've thrown up 10+ times every day for months, been hospitalized for dehydration, too weak to take a shower and thought it a real accomplishment to keep down a quarter of a muffin in 24 hours you cannot begin to understand how she feels. 

Writing: my autobiography. Before you roll your eyes, know that I have no plan of publishing my book. I do not live a highly interesting life nor am I a First Lady, but I do have stories I think would be fun to pass down. I don't claim to be a grate a riter of stuf but maybe my great great grand daughter will enjoy hearing about how I embarrassed myself in aisle 16 of Lowes. My past writing career included the beginnings of an opera about a ruler (male), a stapler (female) and a kaleidoscope (male). The ruler and the kaleidoscope for fighting for the affections of the stapler. She couldn't chose between the more boring yet straight and dependable ruler and the fun and flashy kaleidoscope. It's exactly the type of story Shakespeare would have written. Needless to say that opera was never published.    

Beginning to be embarrassed by: Annabelle's questions about body parts. We were at music class this week and everyone was singing the counting song. Most people there didn't know the song so it was a quiet group. Suddenly Sesame loudly says, "How do mamas nurse their babies? What part of their body to they use? Is it this part?" and she very enthusiastically starts patting my boobs. I have no problem with her wondering about nursing, but I don't want to get into the mechanics during music class. Later we were sitting at the playground and she brought it up again. I explained it to her and she poked her nipple and said "Do they use a mipple?" NO FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS. I babysat a little boy today and she wanted to watch him use the potty. I did not allow that. I can't deal with any more anatomy questions this week. "Mama, does he have a bagina?" 
Being stared at by: this face. All day, every day. Never farther than 6'' away. 
Good thing she's cute.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

the maine event

We just returned from a week in Maine. Erika and I decided Aunt Camp has been so successful we should take the show on the road. Our husbands/the uncles came along to experience the fun of Aunt Camp and be our built in babysitters. I enjoy when the adult/child ratio is so high.

We rented an Airbnb house and it was beautiful. We all had our own rooms and a nice living room and yard with a hammock to share. We could see the beach from the front patio. We all get along so well and had so much fun. The girls favorite part of the house was the washing machine and dryer. They were new and had bright lights and played little songs at the end of the cycle. More than once they both sat on my lap in front of the washing machine and watched it spin through the window in the door. We could have stayed home and watched our own washing machine for free.

Our first night there we went to Erika's friends for supper. Their home is in the middle of the woods and it looks like the trees will take over the house any day now. They're very environmentally conscious and the husband works at a wildlife refuge. Their last name is Feurt but Annabelle misunderstood and kept calling him "Mr. Spork." It makes me laugh every time. This picture cracks me up because they have almost identical hair. 
It's so fun to see AB and Ivy begin to play together. At Aunt Camp last year Ivy couldn't even roll over. This year she was trying to help Annabelle build her ''play area for the people with a beach and a house and a turtle and a castle." Ivy didn't understand AB's vision but it's the thought that counts.    
Erika and I spent two afternoons exploring the little shops in Kennebunkport. She and I always laugh so much when we're together. I never wanted an older sister because I was THE older sister, but now that she's in my life I have to say I enjoy it. We're good shopping companions because we can help the other justify almost any purchase.
We're not biologically related but we've been cursed blessed with the same square chin.  
We played in the sand and collected too many rocks and shells. Annabelle LOVES them both and we brought home a large box of rocks for her rock garden out back.
Too bad Annabelle and Ivy weren't more relaxed. It's a tough life, being pulled in a wagon while you eat goldfish.
On our first full day we went for a walk at Mr. Spork's wildlife refuge. It POURED the entire time but we walked the whole trail anyway. We were soaked by end. In such muddy and wet conditions we decided it would be a good time to swing by the Bush family summer home. It was nearly lunchtime and I assumed they'd know a fan when they saw one and have us in to eat. Sadly they must have missed the fact that I was standing outside their door because I wasn't invited in. There are multiple homes on their compound so I don't think my plans for a sleepover should cause any trouble. 
One morning we put a sequinned pillow in the window to catch the sun, turned on some tunes and had a disco party. Erika didn't join us but Daniel and Ivy did. Ivy dances much like her father. There's very little movement in her moves.  
This is what it will look like if I ever have another girl. Matching outfits for everyone!
The original Aunt Camp crew.
We were so so sad to leave. I could have stayed there another week or the rest of my life. I was hoping our maid our be home to help unpack our bags and wash the clothes but she was nowhere to be seen. Good help is so hard to keep! Annabelle helped out by "washing" the windows with the broom while I unpacked. I file that squarely in the "making more work for me" category but she thought she was helping.  
I'm already counting down the weeks until next years vacation Aunt Camp vacation.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

tigger tales

Sesame Pie loves to play out in the Hundred Acres Woods of our backyard. Tigger, Pooh, Owl, Piglet, Rabbit and Christopher Robin all have their own homes. We always look for them when we're out playing but they're never home. 

A few days I put Tigger out by his home. I told AB he was home and we rushed out to see him. She was beyond tickled to find him.
Unfortunately I missed the window of opportunity for her to believe that he was the real Tigger who actually appeared there on his own. She asked if he was her Tigger stuffed animal I brought from inside. Even so she thought it was so fun for him to really be in her woods.
They danced and sang and went on the swing together. It was the sweetest thing.

Monday, September 4, 2017

forts and lights

Mom and Elizabeth have been visiting for the last week. They've been here many times so we no longer have the urge to show them all the local sites. Don't get the idea there we have many local attractions of interest. We have a few attractions worth noting, a number of playgrounds and a pet store. Mom is always able to find every historical site no matter the city and she learned about a nearby fort built in 1726. It served an a military base used by several different countries until 1963. 
I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking so AB kindly lent me her most compact yet fashionable backpack. 
Even though Annabelle is only 3 I occasionally like taking her to attractions that aren't child geared. I explained the museum and some of the artifacts to her and she understood quite a bit. She really latched onto the fact that soldiers used to live there. She told Elizabeth "the soldiers were so handsome." She picked up a phone, put it to her ear and said she was calling "her soldiers." She comes by this attraction naturally. It's in our DNA.

I've been to many a fort in my life and this was easily the best. The rooms were set up similar to back in the day and almost the entire thing could be walked through/touched/sat on. In front of the window was a table and two chairs. Annabelle sat down and demanded I "pretend eat pancakes" with her while Grammy was our waitress.
Elizabeth was poking around and found these hidden in a chest in the guard house. The pink feather boa and Libman dustpan are most certainly genuine artifacts of the 2010's. 
We had a picnic supper near the fort. I took 25 pictures of the sunset. Sesame, as she always does, made herself at home in the sand and would have stayed for hours. She'd sit in the middle of the highway to play with sand and dirt.
 We stopped by the falls on the way home to see them lit up. 
Before we left I brought AB to the potty. I touched her face and said "you have a messy face from your crackers." She looked at me for a minute, touched my face and said "You have a weird face." She's so good for my self esteem! I wished she had compared me to the beautiful lights instead.