Friday, June 16, 2017

fake father's day

All last week in Texas I planned how we'd celebrate Father's Day. I hadn't seen many advertisements for Father's Day gifts but I thought maybe it was just because the only places I frequent are playgrounds and the library, neither of which are Hallmark level holiday spots. I asked Christopher if it was last Sunday (the 11th) and he said "I don't know. Maybe. Sure." Based on that concrete answer I continued on with my planning.

It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when I was in line at Lowe's that I saw a sign saying Father's Day is the 18th. I didn't believe it so I consulted the internet. The internet agreed that it was the 18th not the 11th. I had two thoughts: 1) How dare the rest of the world not be operating according to my schedule! 2. For once I was ahead of the game!

We continued on with fake Father's Day anyway because we have company coming this weekend and it made sense to stick to the original plan. It was the lowest of low key days. Christopher doesn't appreciate fancy straws like he should (party pooper) so I didn't bother buying any specially themed ones. Annabelle did wrap her gift in a girly glittery bag so at least we had a little sparkle.

Annabelle is obsessed with rocks and always brings them home. They end up in the car, all over the driveway and mixed in the toys. I decided it would be a very Father's Dayish thing for Christopher to make her a rock/fairy garden in the Hundred Acre Woods. Dumbo came along to inspect but not help. He never pulls his weight around here.
Sesame gave Christopher a little bear figurine she picked out at a rest stop on the way to Massachusetts. It was the second figurine we've gotten there so we're really keeping them in business. Another gift was this set of matching socks. I think they should wear them on her wedding day (if I ever let her leave the house). 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

goodbye to school, hello to summer

Today was this little Mary Poppins wanna-be's last day of Parents Day Out.
I went back and forth so many times about signing her up but I'm so glad I did. She had so much fun "wif da kids and snacks at school" and I loved the time to myself. I lived for Tuesday mornings. I could browse stores, take a nap, sew, read or do whatever I wanted for three hours. I felt like a free woman and it was glorious.
I will miss having a a morning each week when we go our separate ways, but I think we'll have a fun summer. We spend 24/7 together regardless of the season but I'm going to make an effort for this season to be extra fun for her. I want to have lots of popsicles, set up teepees, go to the zoo and spend time at the pool and splash pads. I decided it will be the summer of low key meals and paper plates. I hope popsicles and popcorn are considered a well rounded supper. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

the travel chronicles- part 2

We've returned from our second trip of the 2017 season of Living Out of a Suitcase.

Speaking of suitcases, I am extremely pleased to report that I achieved my goal of a suitcase weighing less than 50lbs. When the guy at the ticket counter weighed my bag and it was 43lbs I almost did a happy dance. That was the exact number I was going for but I didn't think I'd reach, especially since I had some of Annabelle's things in there. I'll be the first to admit I pack too much. But what if I need to change my shorts three times a day? What if I don't feel like wearing the striped shirt? What if I am invited to dine at the White House? I like to bring plenty of options. Christopher's bag was OVER 50lb both times which brought me great joy. (He'd want you to know he was responsible for carrying all the odds and ends that didn't fit in my bag and he did NOT pack 50lbs worth of clothes but whatever. The scale does not lie.)

During our layover in America's worst airport (Atlanta), the emergency alarm went off. No one but us paid the slightest attention to the man saying "an emergency has been reported. Please remain calm and await further instructions." Christopher said in case of an emergency our meet up spot would be in the back of Atlanta Bread Company. We never found out what the emergency was, but the ceiling above us seemed like a disaster/emergency waiting to happen. The entire thing was exposed and electrical wires were hanging down which didn't give me too much confidence while sitting under it.
We arrived in Texas after suppertime and went to Christopher's parents house for a quick visit. We spent that night at a hotel which delighted Annabelle to no end. She loves the phones (proof that she is my daughter) and the "honeypot", commonly known as the ice bucket. She is so easy to please.

The next morning we went to NASA. I have spent my entire life wanting to be an astronaut so it was a dream come true to go there. I was asked to become an honorary astronaut and naturally I agreed.
Turns out looking like an astronaut doesn't make you one (who knew?). Immediately after the above picture I crashed a shuttle.
The purpose of the trip was to spend a week at a beach house in celebration of Opa's birthday. The beach was beautiful. I couldn't get over how warm the water was. 
Sesame loved every minute of the beach. She's a little fish. 
Aunt Stephanie set up a pirate scavenger hunt for the kids. She's such a cool aunt. 
For three out of the four flights we sat in the very back rows and had no windows. Being a dedicated window seat fan I did not enjoy the arrangement, but I got a lot of reading done. On the first flight home the pilot told us that Donald Trump was arriving at an airport near our destination and we "had to fly extra fast to beat him and avoid the restricted air space." We hurled through clouds so fast the turbulence was awful and poor Sesame got sick. In a way you could say Donny T was responsible for my daughter getting sick. I never get sick on planes but I was holding onto the arm rests and barely kept it together. I popped a Bonine the second the turbulence started which was a dignity saving move.   
We had a wonderful visit but I was so happy to see my bed. I need to invent a way to bring my bed on all my travels, but I have a feeling it would make my suitcase more than 43lbs.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

it's the little things: May 2017

Being the last day of the month, today is when I'd normally blog about little things to remember for the last month. I don't think I'll forget this morning.

Annabelle got a bead stuck up her nose.

I was putting makeup on when she nonchalantly came over and announced the problem. At first I told her she did not have a bead up her nose. (Mother of the year!) I assumed it was part her latest game of pretending her bed is an airplane and her old pacifier is a bottle of milk. She's never stuck anything anywhere in her body. I looked up her nose and sure enough, there it was. 
I wasn't sure whether to attempt getting it out myself (it was pretty far up there) or take her to the professionals. I called Mom and texted my people. They gave suggestions like pressing the opposite nostril and blowing into her mouth. It worked a little but she kept sniffling and the bead would go back up. I was thiiis close to getting it would with tweezers but I accidentally gave her a bloody nose in the process. I called the doctor and she said to come in at 9 o'clock. While I was on the phone Annabelle fell down the stairs. What a great day! We were heading out the door to the doctor when I had to stop and wipe the blood off AB's little face. She sneezed and out shot the bead. Then I laid down on the floor and recovered.

So how was your day?
* Sesame's newest favorite show is Umizoomi. At the end of every episode the characters do a special "we fixed the problem" crazy dance. Whichever members of our family are in the room do the crazy dance. Someday she'll be so embarrassed by my dancing. I'm living it up while I can. 

* Speaking of Sesame (as I always do. I'm sorry for being a broken record.). Among her collection of stuffed animals, books, tissues, blankets and general paraphernalia was a plastic watering can. I don't know how long she was sleeping with it, but she was quite attached to it. When I needed something to rinse shampoo out of her hair I went to her bed and got the watering can. It was very handy.

* AB's jokes continue everyday. She's constantly asking us to tell her jokes. All day long she says "you tell knock knock joke, Mama?" I have told every single joke I can think of. I make up stupid jokes like "what did the cat say to the other cat? I like your ears!" They're not funny at all but she enjoys them. One of her jokes is "Why did the chicken cross the road to see the tree run down the road and get in the others ones bebo (bellybutton)?" 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

golden birthday

I had my golden birthday over the weekend. I turned 28 on the 28th. Judging by the popping and cracking when I exercise, my body seems to think I'm 128.

Last year I started a tradition of going to the best flower shop in town to buy myself a bouquet. It's only been two years, but I think it will be a lasting tradition.
We went to church Sunday morning then visited with Mom who had arrived late the night before. Christopher and I had a day date that afternoon which hasn't happened in 37 months (aka Annabelle's birth). For my birthday meal that night we went to a restaurant with the best chocolate dessert I've ever had. It was a quiet day but so nice. Christopher always does a good job of making my birthdays special.
Christopher gave my a gorgeous necklace with "I love you" written in his handwriting. I had been hinting at it for a few years. Annabelle gave me out a package of magnetic chip clips. Just what I always wanted! She has since confiscated them all.
On Monday we took a day trip to recreated villages from three different time periods- pioneer, antebellum and turn of the century. 
It's not every day you get to ride a giant turkey statue.
I fell in love with a charming little house in the center of town. It was actually the biggest house in the entire place and built by a wealthy doctor, but who's counting square footage or dollar signs. I overlooked the abundance of mud, lack of showers and takeover by the flies. I was practically decorating it for Christmas in my head.
A single fly is buzzing around my head as I write this and driving me NUTS. I could not live in any of those time periods. I'll stay here with my air conditioning, running water and new chip clips.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

i'm trying to look on the bright side. hopefully the bright side isn't covered in ants.

It's Thursday which means Friday and the weekend are right around the corner. Based on the last few days I've had, it's coming not a moment too soon. Allow me to air my grievances.

* Ants invaded our kitchen.
* Annabelle is still not sleeping at night. Tuesday night she got out of bed and emptied her pajama drawer, her pants drawer, her jewelry box and the basket of extra bows. The only reason she didn't pull all the wipes out again was because I had the foresight to move the diaper basket into the hallway. I have had it UP TO HERE with her current sleep habits. 
* I woke up itchy from head to toe.
* Potty training is a disaster. 
* Annabelle's cup leaked milk all over the floor.
* I have so little patience and I hate it. I wanted to be a stay at home but when the person I'm pushing on the swing insists I HAVE to push her from the back, not the front or while sitting on a swing next to her (God forbid I want to rest after our long night), I wonder why I didn't go through with my plan of being a party planner or an astronaut. I bet they get to sit where ever they want.
* I took my car to the mechanic because it's started a habit of locking the doors when the keys are on the inside and I'm on the outside. Of course they couldn't figure out the problem. Now I'll spend all summer worrying that Annabelle will be locked in a hot car again.

And that was just Wednesday.

On the bright side, not everything has been terrible this week.

* Yesterday I scoured the town looking for a particular brand of natural children's sleep aid my friend recommended. I never found it so I got a different brand that "promotes restfulness and soothes irritability." The irony of the situation is she was irritable after I gave some to her, but she did fall asleep before 9:30 which is a step in the right direction.

* I let AB watch more shows than I normally would the last few days. I started to get annoyed about it but decided it's ok. It's not going to ruin her or take away her chances of a good life if she watches four episodes of Umizoomi. I don't use the tv as a babysitter for hours on end. If it helps me get through the day when I have a raging headache, than thank God for the tv.

* Dunkin Donuts is always open.

* The group texts I have with three of the funniest people I know are a saving grace on bad days.

* Sesame made me this little craft at church on Mother's Day. Every time this week I've had to clear the table and perform an ant massacre it made me smile.