Monday, April 9, 2012

New York favorites

At this very moment we are on the road driving to Virginia. The amount of belongs crammed into our car is ridiculous. We look like hoarders on wheels.

In no particular order, some of my favorite things about New York are:

1. The view from our porch that I have mentioned a time or eighty before.
2. The arts and crafts center
2a. The fact that the arts and crafts center didn't close until we were about to move. It seems that soldiers prefer gyms over paints and clay vases(something I find INCONCEIVABLE), so the arts and crafts center is becoming a gym. As if Fort Drum needs another gym.

3. Canada radio. I listened to Canada radio every time I was in the car. It just fascinated me. Not only did they occasionally say French phrases, they informed me of the traffic patterns in Ontario. Granted, knowing a collision had just happened on the corner on Collins and Maple didn't help my daily commute, but it was interesting nonetheless. I especially liked the five o'clock "D is for Dinner" segment. Except for the day they brought up squirrel sushi, because that's just weird.

4. The caterpillar and spider made from hay rolls. It's hard to see, but the caterpillar was modeling bunny ears for Easter.
5. The Amish people.
6. The first homes we lived in together.


Jennifer Dignazio said...

YAYEEEEE!!!!!! If you're going to Virginia then you are one step closer to coming here!! I cannot wait!!

Also, those hay bales are amazing. Caterpillar bunny rabbits? I hope we get to go to Drum.

Have a safe trip!!

Ashley said...

I gave you the Liebster! Check it out here:

The New Normal said...

Those hay bales are awesome! Very creative!
Have a safe trip!

hmb said...

Hey there! I saw your post on the fb site and came to visit. I just left Fort Drum, too! I actually liked it quite a bit...

And my favorite parts were the Black River walking trail AND Tin Pan Galley out in Sackets. OMG....I die.