Sunday, April 8, 2012

I can't think of any other title than "Easter 2012" so we'll go with that

Friday afternoon was our official egg decorating time. As normal, our eggs didn't turn out like the picture, but you can sort of see the leaf patterns on two of the eggs. I think the colors are really pretty. Christopher's egg decorating skills really surpassed my expectations.
I didn't have much to work with for decorations since they're all in boxes, but I had some leftover burlap from my burlap wreath project so I used that. 
Naturally we had a large supply of Reeses available. We also had Cadbury eggs, Lindt truffles(!!!!!), and peanut butter and chocolate candies I made using grandma's recipe. We were not lacking in the chocolate department.
Last night Christopher set up an Easter egg hunt for me! I never had my own Easter egg hunt so I felt very special. I grew up competing with four siblings and nine cousins on Easter so this hunt was a walk in the park. It was so relaxing. I think it was very appropriate that I happened to be wearing pajamas with birds on them while I hunted for eggs. I believe in dressing appropriately for events.
Not pictured below are a necklace and the three cards he gave me. Do you see the Joanns gift card? The man knows the way to my heart. 
This morning as I was getting breakfast, Christopher walked into the kitchen both shirtless and shoe and sockless. I said I doubted they would let him into church looking like that because no shirt, no shoes, NO SERVICE. And then I died laughing because apparently I crack myself up and I'm my own biggest form of entertainment.

My little burlap bunnies turned out so cute! I may or may not have lit two pieces of burlap on fire in my attempts to seal the frayed edges of the bunnies, but I didn't burn the house down. Always a positive. 
And without further delay...our Easter dinner! We cooked a little too much, but it was tasty. I really get to get a handle on the whole cooking for only two people thing.   
I had never celebrated Easter with less than 16 people so this year was very different for me, but we had a wonderful day together, just the two of us.


The New Normal said...

Your hubby is so sweet - looks like the perfect Easter basket! Glad that you guys had a nice holiday!

Jennifer Dignazio said...

I love it that your husband makes you a fun Easter basket! Steve could use a few pointers. I basically had to buy Reese's for Molly and then call them mine once we realized she is on a milk-only diet. Saaaad.

And your decorations are lovely! Can't wait to see what you do when you have access to all of your holiday decor! Whoo!!