Sunday, July 31, 2011

had we taken the sheep home, he would have been a Red Sox fan

This weekend we went on an overnight adventure.

I was assigned the task of researching a suitable location. To best keep track of any and all exciting attractions, I made a highly professional chart. I am a travel agent in the making.
Poor Buffalo was barely in the running. Niagara (or 'Niagra', as I spelled it) was high up there until we decided we should wait until we can visit it from the Canadian side. And so Cooperstown became the winning contestant.

After I finished that chart, I was informed by the Accommodations Committee (aka Christopher) to look for attractions in the Utica area, as that's where we would spend the night. 
Notice the far right column. It's important to have your travel priorities in the correct order. As it turns out, searching for eating opportunities was pretty much the only thing we did in Utica. The exciting attraction options were rather limited. Starved Rock Park seemed pretty wonderful until I discovered it's in Illinois. I have gift for finding fun things to do in places we are not thinking of going.

The hotel in Utica was lovely. I always judge hotels based on the number and quality of their chandeliers. 
Our first stop in Cooperstown the next morning was the Baseball Hall of Fame.
I do hate to boast, but please note which team is above the Yankees.
These young men made some wise wardrobe choices.
We can't leave out Christopher's team, so here is the Braves debut here at Dandelions and Daffodils.  
I personally would enjoy watching a bunch of grown men play baseball while wearing this hat.
I promise he was happy to be an this trip with me!
Our next stops were the art museum and farmers museum. The goat at the Farmer's Museum was very attracted to Christopher. I think it was a sign that we should have taken him (her?) home with us. 
I would have taken the baby sheep too, but I don't think he (she?) would have enjoyed spending four hours in our trunk on the ride home. 
After the farm, we found more eating opportunities (like I said, PRIORITIES) then headed for home. Our trusty GPS, Tom, was a little underperforming which may have resulted in frustration on the part of the driver, but we made it home safe and sound. 
The End.

(You know what I should have bought at the gift shop? A large bottle of The Ability to Tell a Story in Less than 6,000 Words.)

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Abby said...

I highly approve of Christopher's choice of favorite baseball team. Just fyi. ;)