Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fan mail

One enjoyable thing about living in a different state than most of my family and friends is I now receive quite a few letters a month from people who love and miss me.

To put it plainly- I have a fan club.

Here's a small sampling of what I've found in my mailbox.

Dear Saru I love you. you R pritty and nise. I love you. Love kEturah
These touching words were accompanied by pictures of hearts, a diamond ring, and something that possibly may be a bouquet of flowers.

Dear Sarah, Thank you for letting me be a flower girl in your wedding. I think you are the best friend. Love, Jill

From Molly to Sarah I rally rally mis you wa verr much

Dear Sarah, I loved being your flower girl! I miss you! Giddy says hi! xoxoxo, Anna

My friend Rebecca saw the pictures of me participating in the Spur Ride and told me, "I suppose you're very busy with your dusting and machine-gunning, but write back when you can so I can know that you haven't decided to join the army since apparently you're pretty good at. 

The most unexpected letter of complete adoration piece of fan mail came in the form of a letter accompanied by a brown box. It was from my good friend Willie/Willigers/Twilly/the names go on.

Dear My Favorite Sarah, 
    Once upon a time I was hanging around...with My Favorite Sarah. SUDDENLY My Favorite Sarah mentioned something I had given to a friend of mine. Noticing many an expression of sorrow, remorse, want, and anticipation all bound up in one pleading cry of "SKITTLES!", idea began to form in mine mind about a possible gift for her at a future, life-changing (and name-changing!) event in the life of My Favorite Sarah. I'm sorry this is so late in coming. :( It was supposed to be my gift to you on your very special day. Turns out it's a belated wedding present for ya! ENJOY!! :) :)
Sincerely, Your Favorite Willie

Upon removing the bubble wrap from the box, this is what I found.
41 ounces of Skittles.

I was was so touched by the kindness of my favorite Willie. 

(Naturally we're rationing out these Skittles because WE DON'T WANT TO RUN OUT TOO SOON.)

ps. Christopher would like you to know that he's the president of my fan club. :)


Kristen said...

You guys are too cute! Love reading your blog!

Laura Darling said...

Fan mail. I love it. And 41 ounces of skittles? I would die of happiness. God bless you and your self control though because let me tell you, those Skittles would be history in about an hour or so in my possession.