Saturday, July 2, 2011

sunsets and fireworks

Last night Mom, Dad, and Ronnie (aka Aaron) drove up to spend the holiday weekend with us. Because we are people who love a good concert and firework show, we packed ourselves a picnic supper of BLT's and headed to a local park for the festivities. 
I continued my tradition of photographing the setting sun. I think it's becoming a hobby of mine.
We couldn't see the musicians and could barely hear the music, so we spent the time playing an alphabet game and people-watching.
It's very news-worthy to capture a picture of Aaron smiling nicely. Apparently miracles still do happen. 
Every single year I take tons of firework pictures then the next day I don't know what to do with them. This year was no different. 
I have named this picture The Dive of the Penguins. However it happened, the way the camera photographed the fireworks makes it look like the a bunch of penguins (someone said it looks more like eagles) out for their daily sea dive. 
I have named this photo The Grand Finale. 
I have a true gift when it comes to creatively naming photos. 

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