Thursday, July 7, 2011

fountains and hydrangea-phones

I spent most of this hot and balmy day with Elizabeth and my dear and longtime friend, Katie/Katie Annie O/KTW. 
Our first entertainment of the day came in the form of visiting the college Daniel attended. We thought it would be nice to wander through the campus because as far a campuses go on the pretty-o-meter, it's high up there. We came upon this fountain in the center of the campus and quickly decided that what with the heat and all, we couldn't leave it unjumped through.
Upon comparing this picture with the next, I have come to the conclusion that I was the dignified member of our trio.
See what I mean?
We next explored the gardens and took advantage of all the photo taking spots.
As we were exploring, a group of children were running around us playing a game. We overheard a clearly exasperated little boy say to another, "Do you want to be a MAN or a CHICKEN?" The youth of today face such hard choices.
One little corner of the garden had two huge hydrangea bushes which reminded us of the plants-turned-telephones we discovered at our favorite mansion a few years ago. Naturally, we had to reenact the moment and the shocking conversation. 
Our time of talking into flowers came to an end too soon, for we were scheduled to join our families for a picnic. I was in charge of finding a picnic spot yesterday, and was pleased with myself for finding Cookson Park, a location that boasted a field, playground, and sandboxes. It sounded just lovely. (The other picnic spot I found online also sounded lovely until I realized it was in a foreign town with a similar name. Google was a little overachieving.)  
This is the "field". It was hardly picnic worthy, so we moved on to a wider, grassier location.
We noticed on the way out that the park is run by the cemetery department. How comforting.
Two of Katie's little people (her siblings, not her children) joined us at the new picnic location. I think I could just about eat these two up with a spoon. 
Katie's older sister, Joy, also there. She's getting married in September so I, obviously an expert on the whole wedding planning topic, tried to give her advice. I'm sure she appreciated my input. ;-)
I have no doubt that the hydrangea-phones will be ringing off their bushes as Katie and I plan our next great escapade. 

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