Monday, July 11, 2011

our wedding~ the groom

Yes! There WAS a groom at this wedding! The sad lack of groom pictures up to this point in the day is due to not yet having the guy pictures from the other photographer. Thank goodness for Keri who got some wonderful pictures. (To be honest, Christopher is probably relieved I don't have 1,502 pictures of him to put up!)

Here he is in all his handsomeness.
Here he is with the very beautiful (and pregnant! with a girl!) Stephanie. I experienced some jealousy issues over her dress. :)
Here he is with his lovely mother. Doesn't she look pretty? Her dress was such a nice color.
And here with flowers in his mouth. I really don't know what this is all about. I just know that this picture makes me smile every time!
Someone who saw a couple of wedding pictures asked me yesterday if Christopher wore "a Revolutionary War reenactor outfit" in the wedding.

She was totally serious. 

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Shayla said...

Are you serious???? How did you react to that question??? WOW, people still amaze me with ignorance!

he looks great in his uniform!!!! His mama looks so happy for you guys :)