Friday, July 8, 2011

our wedding~ preceremony

Elizabeth the Sister of Honor
Katie the Maid of Honor
(Fashion related note- my sash looks black in some pictures, but it was very dark blue.)
Marissa, Autumn, Katie, Elizabeth, Hannah, Joanna
I l-o-v-e this picture.
While the big girls were having their pictures taken, the little girls were frolicking in the sanctuary with tambourine and song.
Katie was so beautiful.
Zachary the ring bearer stopped by for a visit.
The little Mister was looking very handsome.
The flower girls were all very excited. We had to warn them *many times* about the dangers of waving their flowers around too enthusiastically! 
After a few last minute touch-ups...
...we were ready for the wedding!
photos by Keri McCarthy  

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Kelsey said...

LOVE the pink with the blue!