Monday, August 1, 2011

the anticipated one has arrived

For weeks now we have been anticipating the birth of Andrew and Debbie's baby.

Last night, phone calls and text messages along the lines of,  "She's having real contractions." and "Well, is she at the hospital yet??" started circulating through out the family. Late last night (at 11:42, to be precise), Andrew sent out the following text: "In the hospital for real now. Pray all goes smoothly." I texted back, "My sage advice is this-  just keep breathing, breathing, breathing. Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing. It works best if you sing it like Dory."

Because someone who has given birth exactly zero times is obviously the perfect person to give advice on labor and delivery.

Whether my advice was heeded or not, Ariela Morgan made her appearance this morning at 9:41.

This is the point where I would insert a photo if I had one. Unfortunately, the only photos I have seen are on my phone and I don't have a way to put them on the computer. I really up on technology that way. Just picture a baby with large cheeks and a slightly confused "what's going on here?" face and you get the general idea. ;-)  She has a VERY cute nose. I do love a good baby nose.

Important update- I just received a text message from my father that read, "She's more beautiful in person!" Somebody is already enjoying life as a grandfather! 

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Beck said...

Congrats! I have a feeling she might be a lil spoiled, but that is what ALL great Auntie's do! :) Hope to see pics soon