Thursday, August 25, 2011

the first ever Fort A.W.W.A.S. tour

Look who came to visit me this weekend!

It's my favorite lives-in-the-north Grandma (not to be confused with my favorite lives-in-the-south Grandma), my mother, and my sister!
They arrived around three o'clock and promptly spent the next three hours looking at and discussing Allison's cuteness. Really, who can blame them? Just look at the child! She is extreme cuteness personified.
After supper I took them all on a tour of Fort at Which We are Stationed, here on out known as Fort A.W.W. A.S.

Right off the bat they made fun of me because my driving was slightly jerky. They were not sympathetic at all that I have only SUCCESSFULLY been driving a standard for the last week or so, and never with such energetic people as my passengers. Christopher's not exactly what you'd call a boucing off the wall passenger.

As soon as we pulled up to the gates of Fort A.W.W.A.S., I began conducting my very informative and in-depth tour. I will admit there were times when I wasn't quite sure what I was talking about. "And here is where, wait a minute, I think this is where the guys who do the...oh never mind, it's not...", but I should be given some slack because it was my first time conducting a tour with Sarah's Touring Enterprise. 

I think they learned a lot from me. "And if we turn left here, we just might see the...oh, look to your right, everyone! Look to your right! Do you know what that is? It's a humvee, but not just any humvee! This one actually has soldiers in it and is rolling down the road! That's is not something you see in your neighborhood every day is it, folks? You may read about about them in your local paper, but you have never seen one at Fort A.W.W.A.S. Oh, look! I see something else approaching! It's's a...never mind. It's just a regular ol' car. We are now approaching where Christopher works. Folks! I see some soldiers! No, I don't know what they're doing but if I were to guess, I would say walking down the road. After all, they are walking down the road. We will now cross over a road called, um, I can't pronounce that name but we're going to cross it anyway. We really don't have a choice now since we're already half way through the intersection." 

They also learned from an expert how to decipher many of the initials on various Army signs. "Over in front of that building you will see a sign that says '1SQ, A BT, HHC 101 CAV'." I would then proceed to tell them exactly what that meant.  (Side note: In case anyone with real military experience --hello, husband!-- reads this, I know that's not exactly proper army lingo. I just don't remember anything else.)

Here I am showing Grandma office buildings. She was very interested in those for some unexplainable reason. 
I drove them to the park on Fort A.W.W.A.S. so they could see the woods, the pond, and the river. 
The purple flowers that I'm holding were a souvenir gift from the tour guide to her tourists.
If you would like your own purple flowers from Fort A.W.W.A.S., just let me know. After all, I know the tour guide quite well.  

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