Monday, April 30, 2012

it was my favorite anniversary thus far

On Saturday we celebrated our first anniversary by visiting the botanical gardens.
The flowers were beautiful!
One of my favorite spots was the rose garden.
My other favorite was the tulip garden.
After the garden we visited the Confederate Museum and White House.

On Sunday (our actually anniversary), we went to church than Christopher made us a special dinner. I was responsible for making the fried okra but something went a-rye so it was more like okra with a side of fried corn flour. After dinner we went for a walk then gave each other gifts. We decided to give paper related gifts this year since paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary. Christopher gave me seven board games. They were perfect-I love games! I made him a United States map out of blue and green construction paper and glued little buttons to each state we've lived in together.
I like spending my anniversary with Christopher. :)

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Jenn said...

I was hoping you'd recap this! You really made me wish we'd been in Richmond in the spring- how beautiful! Happy anniversary!!!