Saturday, May 26, 2012

about the time we went to the home of someone we met on the internet (and lived to tell about it)

Well hello! What's going on in your world? 

The Christopher/Sarah portion of the world is currently on the road, so this post is coming to you live from a hotel room. To be precise, we are house hunting/scoping out the scene at our next home. We didn't leave until Thursday night, a fact which promoted Christopher to say that he needed something to keep him awake. Naturally I suggested we have a sing-along. Being the director of the show, I appointed him the first singer. He sang a rousing rendition of "Three is the Magic Number" after which he informed me it was my turn. Using a sunglass case as a microphone, I attempted to sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water". It seems Paul Simon and I need a little more practice before we go on tour together. To make up for Trouble Water, I sang an African song. How many of the words were really African and how many were simply a odd jumble of letters is up for debate, but I thought it was beautiful. I guess Christopher didn't think so because he didn't ask for an encore. I can tell you that it was way better than the ENTIRE Justin Bieber song we listened to because we were too tired to reach up and turn off the radio. 

My favorite part of this trip has been meeting the ever funny and hospitable Jenn!! She has become my Fort Campbell Source with a capital S. She invited us over for supper last night and I was all sorts of excited. Not only would I meet her, I'd get to meet Sam the Man and Molly McCuteness too. I'm here to report that Molly's cheeks are even better in person. They really are larger than life. Sam wanted nothing to do with me at first (he said something like "AAAAIIEOENFEEEEEEERAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" every time he looked at me), but when he discovered that he could sit on my lap while I bounced him up and down 548 times, he decided maybe I was cool after all. He helped me blow out the candles on the birthday cake Jenn made (wasn't that sweet of her?), so I think an enduring friendship is pretty much guaranteed.

We were clearly very coordinated when we took this picture. I'm looking straight ahead, Jenn's looking to her right, and Molly's looking off to the corner wondering why we're letting a photo op get in between her and her milk.
I am so glad to already have a friend when we move to Tennessee! Sam and I had a serious discussion about when we'll get together for play dates. Of course we'll let Jenn come along too. ;-) 


hmb said...

I bet she is as hilarious in person as she is on twitter :)

I have to give you the same unsolicited advice that I give everyone that goes to Campbell. Make beer cheese dip at Blackhorse your #1 priority! :)

Jamie said...

How fun. I'm so jealous!

Jenn said...

LOL THE PICTURE!! Molly's like, "But guys... I'm.... topless."

I am SO GLAD we got to meet and I wish y'all were moving here, like, rightnow. Christopher seems very smart (his SAHM comments basically won my heart) so don't you think they could put him in some sort of accelerated BOLC class? I think that would be ideal. For me obvs.