Thursday, May 24, 2012

cupcake class

This week in our cake class we decorated cupcakes. (Not to be confused with last week when we decorated a cake with a cupcake.)

I would like to point your attention to the cupcake at the top of the platter. Wilton calls with a "shaggy mum", but I call it a cupcake with a Cookie Monster wig. It really is the ugliest flower. The bottom cupcake was decorated differently that the others simply because I had no energy left in me to make another flower on wax paper then transfer to the cupcake. 
I had  a lot of trouble with this class so I'm glad I came home with one cupcake I like.
This cupcake is my pride and joy.
(The Cookie Monster cupcake is sort of the ugly duckling of the family.)


Joslin said...

So pretty! I would feel bad eating these.

Karen said...

They look great! So all of the flowers were done on wax paper and then transferred to the cupcakes? That's impressive work :)

Jenn said...

I hope you did like the girl in "Bridesmaids" and after making such a beautiful cupcake, just dug into that thing. ;) They look GREAT!!