Tuesday, May 15, 2012

it's not every Friday you see a flamingo

I had every intention of putting these pictures up yesterday afternoon, but I had TWO medium-scale baking catastrophes within an hour so I never got around it. Not to mention that I have a well documented history of not posting about a weekend until we're almost at the next weekend. Can't break tradition.

Friday night we went to a baseball game. I can't attend a baseball game without taking pictures of the dugout, so without further delay I present Picture VII in my Dugout Series, Edition Team Black and Orange (subtitled I Don't Know Why the Guy in the Stripped Shirt Didn't Get the Memo).
I've been to many a minor league baseball game in my day, but never have I seen a man charge around the field in a pink flamingo costume while throwing hot dogs into the crowd. The phrase, "Wow. That flamingo guy can REALLY throw a hot dog." is not one you say everyday. 
Saturday we visited a lovely historic home on the edge of the Appomattox River. On our way home we stopped at Walmart. We had four items on our shopping list yet we walked out with no less than 28. Just goes to show that a) you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry, and b) one of us is not very good at sticking to the list.  

Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day. Despite the fact that I was mistakenly wished Happy Mother's Day numerous times at church, we didn't have any mother-related plans for the day other than call our mothers in far-off states. My poor mom got to spend the day at the hospital. I tried to cheer her up by pointing out all of the attention she was getting on her special day, but I got the feeling that wasn't the type of attention she was dreaming of. After lunch we explored a new park. We're big on exploring the area. I have a knack for wearing inappropriate (but cute!) shoes so we didn't walk too far, but it was nice to be out of the ghetto in the great outdoors. 
Self-portrait brought to you by Christopher and his handily long arm. 

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