Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the day we saw the mayor (and weren't too impressed)

Today was an interesting day.

I got lost in the town I lived in for 22 years. I got stuck in a hospital parking lot and couldn't find my way out. I slipped not once but FOUR times while going from the parking lot to the hospital in the rain. You can just call me Grace.

This afternoon I took Elizabeth down to city hall so she could register to vote. I love voting and was so excited to share the joy with her. I hope she has better voting success than I've had in the last 6 years. Only two of the people I've ever voted for have won. TWO. Basically you can bid farewell to your political career when I fill in the circle near your name. 

It's a pity she wasn't more excited to be joining the ranks of privileged voting Americans.
You see the man by Elizabeth's head? It's the mayor. I recognized him as we walked in but didn't point him out to Elizabeth until we were through the door. I didn't want her to run over and start proclaiming adoration for the direction he's pointing our fair city in when WE DON'T LIKE HIM. Naturally I voted for his opponent which is why Kevin won. Still, a person of note is a person of note and I've never been one to walk by and not photograph a person who is mentioned on Wikipedia.
He spent 95% of the time we were watching him rolling up his sleeves. (Point of reference: we watched him longer than the length of one Brad Paisley song.)
Eventually Elizabeth shook her head in disgust and said, "Dude, it's time to stop rolling up up your sleeves and START WORKING!"

I think we know who she won't be voting for come November.


Jenn said...

Haaaaa!!!! I love this whole post! Especially the roll up the sleeves bit. Should have yelled that out the window as you were driving off. And you never told me you had a job as Wikipedia photographer! ;)

Reccewife said...

hahahaha, that's a looong time to role up your sleeves!