Thursday, September 13, 2012

a few facts

Fact: The day after I saw the mayor, I went to the bank to sort out debit card issues. The lady at the desk asked for my license and after investigating it, she looked at me and said, “Do you realize this expired?”  Excuse me? “It did. Look at it.” I looked at it and to my horror discovered that it expired IN MAY. I was in shock. I was mortified. I FELT LIKE A CRIMINAL. 

Fact: I have driven in six states since May.

Fact: Blogging from jail would have taken this blog in a whole new direction.

Fact: One of the reasons I decided to renew my license in my home state and not get one from my current state is quite simple. There’s simply NO WAY on earth I’ll ever again get as good a license picture as the one on that Massachusetts license. It really is impressive. (I don’t believe I’ve ever said anything quite so vain.)  

Fact: I just finished putting pictures up on the wall. Despite my best measuring/penciling/tipping my head to the side efforts, I hammered in and pulled out each nail twice. At least I have a real hammer this time. We didn’t have one at our last house (technically we had one but it was in storage and OH MY GOODNESS HERE I GO WITH TOO MANY DETAILS AGAIN) so I used the bottom of a glass pepper grinder.  

Fact: Last night Christopher was explaining something to me and he said, “It’s like the difference in gas consumption between a Prius and an Expedition.” It’s humorous that he thinks I would know about gas consumption in different vehicles. All I am generally interested in when it comes to cars is the color. 


Jen said...

Oh no!!!! So glad you never got pulled over or anything, crazy things like that happen every now and then. :)

Jenn said...

Hilarious that men try to explain things to us like that. And we're all like, "feelings, feelings, FEELINGS, chocolate, let's watch a chick flick." ;)

stephanie said...

get it you little felon :) ha!

Alyssa James said...

Haha! Such a criminal you are!

The New Normal said...

I just noticed that mine expired a few months ago too! Oops! And I've totally used other things in place of a hammer too (like a dress shoe), usually because I'm too lazy to go to the garage to look for the hammer!

His Doorkeeper said...

That's funny and reminds me years ago one of our friends was the driver's ed teacher in the summers at our local high school. Found out after the summer was over that HIS driver's license had been expired over 3 months ago! And he was teaching them to drive!