Sunday, September 2, 2012

the wedding post with only two pictures of the happy couple

Yesterday I went to one of the most anticipated weddings of my life. (Not an exaggeration.) Katie's sister Marylynn (finally) got married. I have known Katie's family FOREVER and missed Joy and Colin's wedding last year thanks to the Great Plague of 2011 (oh the tears and sadness), so I was determined not to miss this one. I had a minor wardrobe incident when my foundation decided to pour down the front of my dress, but I was able to use half a bottle of Shout to get it out. I went to the wedding smelling like a Shout factory which obviously was my plan all along. 

This is the point where I would insert a beautiful picture of Marylynn and Ben pledging their lives to each other for the rest of eternity. I do not have such a picture, but it was a beautiful wedding and I was SO happy the entire time.

I know I say all children are my favorite, but I think Katie's siblings really are. Just look at how cute Peter and Anna are. I think they like me too because they named one of their chickens after me. (I promise there's no correlation between my personality and the animal named after me. They just happen to have 30 chickens named after people they like.)
This summer was the 21st anniversary of the great Katie and Sarah friendship. 
Katie and Zac are the next couple to walk down the aisle. I'm the Matron of Honor in their wedding scheduled for January. I'm excited for the wedding, but using the word matron in reference to myself makes me feel 75 years old. 
The family wrote a song for Marylynn that was a complete tearjerker. 
Katie's parents are so sweet. They may have 11 kids of their own, but they've always made room for me. One of my favorite vacations was the week I spent at their house.
Oh look! I finally stopped taking pictures of the same three people and started photographing the happy couple!
We all wish Marylynn and Ben the happiest of marriages and, dare I say it, an abundance of children! ;)


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Beautiful photos!! :) I love you dress!

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