Monday, March 25, 2013

cruisin' around the classroom

I have a very good reason for not blogging much lately. I've been cruising around the Bahamas, swimming with dolphins, watching the sun set, and in general living the easy life without a care in the world.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In reality I've been spending hours upon hours at the preschool doing my student teaching. I have 1131/2 (the half is very important when every minute counts!) of 300 hours done so this week I plan on rewarding myself with a day off. Because when every minute counts it makes perfect sense to take 8 hours off. Logic was never my strong point.

Spending 113.5 hours with a combination of preschoolers, toddlers and infants has lead me to the following revelation- I hope I never EVER have 19 toddlers. I love children and all, but I can only handle a certain amount of time with two people drooling down my neck, three people pulling my hair, four people fighting for my lap, and one more child pulling my earrings while they are all crying and/or screaming. God bless toddler teachers. May they all receive a pay raise.

The other day Dylan was banging the pictures of presidents with a plastic hammer and I said, "We do not hit Abraham Lincoln in the face with a hammer. It's very disrespectful." It was exactly what I envisioned saying when I woke up that morning.

I had to tell two of the toddler girls not to touch their friends tongue with their own tongue. You would have thought I ruined their lives forever.

Like I said, it's been all sunsets and dolphins over here.


Jen said...

Wow you are a busy busy lady! :) Touching tongues together? Really? lol.

Erin said...

LOL your comments about what you had to tell toddlers to stop doing is just like you were at my house - that one hit home to my reality!

Kim said...

Very busy indeed! I love working with toddlers! I'll need to pick your brain one day about your experience. Have a great day off! :)

Mrs. K said...

haha! Well, would it count if you came and hung out with my crazy crew? I will surely sign off on these hours. Plus you can have wine while you're watching them. I do it all the time. ;)