Thursday, March 14, 2013

sunrise, sunset and all that

We begin our stroll down memory lane at The Crib, the favorite hangout of little Sarah and her sidekick Lissy.
Our mothers made us matching outfits because what's cuter than dressing two little girls who like holding hands in poofy little rompers? Speaking of outfits, what's more hilarious than the outfit on the girl behind us? 
We jump ahead to one of our annual photoshoot at Olan Mills, circa 1998. Obviously this was taken before Aaron decided to make things difficult every. single. time we shelled out good money to have our picture professionally taken. His chubby little too-much-cuteness-to-handle face kills me. Elizabeth is just precious. 
Here we are in an almost identical pose at my wedding. The years, HOW THEY FLY.
I have very few pictures from my early teen years available at the moment, but I do have this picture taken one summer at our friends pool. Andrew and I decided to take finding a penny at the bottom of a pool to new heights. Or lower deeps, as the case may be. We tossed in the penny and worked together until we could pick it up using only our toes. It's a talent I plan on including when I update my resume.
Our final stop on this brief tour is the day Autumn and I played Pretty Pretty Princess with Molly. When Molly left we kept playing (hello! It's jewelry and we're girls) and things got very competitive. I firmly believe I had the best outfit because I had a mirror for a hat.
Even Princess Kate in all her fashion glory can't say that. 


Jen said...

I love these pictures. :) It's always fun to stroll down memory lane.

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

The floral outfit on the girl in that one picture. Oh wow.

Kim said...

Love the pictures! :)

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

love walks down memory lanes!

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Big Cheese said...

....YOU ARE THE BEST <3<3<3<3

- the big cheese.)