Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend 3.8.13

We had a delightful weekend planned.

Please note the use of the word HAD because it's important to the following story.

For Christmas I told Christopher I would take him to the Nashville Symphony. Not only does he enjoy classical music, few things make me feel more cultured than saying I'm spending the evening at the symphony. (Although saying I'm going to a wine tasting is up there in the cultured and sophisticated column.)

We finally got tickets for Friday night because there's nothing quite like cashing in a Christmas gift 3 months later. On Thursday night someone who would like to remain anonymous pulled up her email to double check the time of the concert and, to her shock and horror, discovered that the concert was LAST FRIDAY.

It was a low point in my week.

A very low point.

I may have created my own symphony of moans and groans.

The only silver lining is that last Friday was the Josh Turner concert and not to put my own desires before Christopher and his Christmas gift, but I would have been VERY UPSET to not see Josh.

That's how we ended up spending our Friday night with these people.
Obviously culture and sophistication were thrown to the wind.

On Saturday our mile long to-do list included a gym date. I was going to Zumba and Christopher was going to use the various exercise machines I don't even pretend to understand. As the time approached for us to leave, one of us (who will not remain anonymous because I want you all to know it wasn't me) lay down on the couch and fell asleep. 

That's how I ended up going to the gym alone. 

Sunday we both woke up sounding like a cross between a seal and a lion (not to be confused with a sealion). We've been visiting a new church and would like to stay on everyone's good side so we stayed home. (Although who wouldn't want to hear a seal/lion symphony of coughs?)

That's how we ended up watching a sermon on the computer while Christopher rejoiced about being about to enjoy a Tasty B (aka beer) while worshiping the Lord.

As for the concert fiasco, I've already bought tickets to another concert in May. I'll be emailing myself reminders for WEEKS in advance.

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Jen said...

Oh no! I can say that I have done that myself. It's the worst feeling but we are human and it happens. Hope you are feeling ok today. :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O no! How disappointing. Nothing better than a little Si to bring class back into the weekend.

Mrs. K said...

Si is full of culture!

I'm sorry your weekend went like that. Boo.

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Oh no!!! At least you were able to enjoy the Josh Turner concert!!

Nashville Symphony said...

Please email us at and we will be sure to get you tickets to an upcoming SunTrust Clasical Series Concert!