Sunday, April 21, 2013

For all I know, Celine might not even be her first name

Wednesday brought about an earth-shattering revelation ...Toby Kieth's last name is not Kieth. It's like everything I thought I knew about country music has gone up in smoke. Is Brad Paisley's name really Ignatious? 
My cousin Pickles (who was given the name Nicholas at birth) and his peeps came down to Tennessee for a visit last week. They all stayed at my aunt's and on Friday I went to her house for the morning. Here I am with Pickles, Alyssa and Kaleigh (not related but I wasn't about to kick her off the couch for a cousins only picture).
Alyssa is only 17 but she easily looks as old as me. My youthful appearance tends to cause some confusion. Last week I went to visit a new family to babysit and the mom asked if we were a military family. After I answered in the affirmative, she said, "So your dad is the one stationed here?" Um. No. As a matter of fact I am married. Hence the wedding ring on my left hand.

Saturday Christopher volunteered at a festival downtown. I met up with him later and, surprise surprise, got slightly lost among the food booths and rock climbing tower. I called him for help and when he asked where I was, I said, "Over by the Titanic."
I never knew I wanted to say that phrase until it was out of my mouth. It really was all I could do not start singing like Celine Dion right there next to the funnel cake stand.

I should have entered the talent contest.


Barbara said...

"Over by the Titanic." ...You're too funny!

Jen said...

haha you should have busted out in song that would have been amazing. :)