Sunday, April 28, 2013

for all he went through, Jonah's hair looks pretty good

Sometimes I think I should sit down and blog...and thinking is as far as I get. 

Lack of blogging these days can be blamed on the fact that I spend almost every day at the preschool and remembering that Dylan was put in time out 7 times by 8:45 or that I was whacked in the back with a plastic bat is not really a priority in my life. I often leave the school feeling like the Jonah I found in a children's Bible. 
I spend most of the time when I'm not at the school babysitting my favorite little people. Molly has learned how to wave and does so 1,558 times an hour. (Why do I feel like this blog is becoming a documentation of Sam and Molly's lives?) No need to tell me the awesome quality that is this cellphone photo. 
Mr. Levi McCuteness celebrated his first birthday and personally invited me to the par-tay. Just look how thrilled he was when I took him for a walk while his mom did party preparations. It's like he could barely contain his excitement.

Last night Christopher had a 24 hour shift at work so I made supper and brought it up to him. We ate in the meeting room and when we were done, I started looking around for something to entertain us. I spotted the copy machine and asked Christopher if he ever photocopied his face. 
I think we'll hang it in the living room right next to the Monet waterlilies.


Jen said...

Haha good ole fashion fun with a copy machine. :)

Jenn said...

Scary pic! And I'm glad someone is documenting Sam and Molly's lives. Their mother sure is doing a craptastic job of it.

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Hahaha now I'm going to photocopy my face at work.