Saturday, April 13, 2013

we went for the history but left with a few wedding ideas

In the two years we've been married we've visited an impressive number of old homes. The tradition was resurrected today when we visited Belle Mead Plantation. (It was not the most impressive mansion on the outside, but since I live in an apartment I really have no business saying what's impressive to live in and what's not.) 
It's a pity the front yard is so small.  
We found this in the gift shop. Nothing like a little drunk horse decor to set a klassy tone in your kitchen. 
I call this Portrait of Christopher Reading a Historical Sign, Edition 138.
We had time before the tour so we walked by the river that flows in front of the plantation. Christopher said next time we'll bring "aqua socks" and go wading. Aqua socks? When I was young we just took off our shoes and went right in. 
Someday we'll have a picture that does not include my arm talking up 1/3 of the screen.
We took this picture to show the people back home how big the magnolia trees can get. I was very concerned with looking cute for the picture but it was obviously a useless exercise. You can barely see me. I feel like drawing in an arrow for clarification.  
Henry and Ellen were about to be married while we were walking around the grounds. We don't know Henry and Ellen, but that didn't stop me from getting as close to the action as possible. Christopher really rained on that parade. (The me getting close parade, not the wedding parade in general.) He has some weird ideas about not attending a wedding I'm not invited to, yada yada. He even said, "You didn't just take out your camera so you could take a picture of them, did you?" when we saw Henry and his entourage walking up the hill. No, I didn't take it out specifically for that purpose. It was already out.
It was a beautiful location for a wedding. (We didn't see the bride, but the bridesmaids dresses were green and it was shaping up to my dream wedding. They even sang How Great Thou Art, a song we sang at our wedding. The only thing that kept me from finding myself a seat was the fact I was wearing jeans. I refuse to attend a wedding in jeans.) 
Looks like I've found the perfect location for my second Pinterest-inspired wedding. Christopher will be so delighted! 


Molly said...

It looks beautiful! I think y'all should totally go for a second wedding =)

Jen said...

Wow what an absolutely stunning place!!!

Kim said...

Beautiful! That place is perfect for a wedding! :)

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Perfect dream wedding!! Now you just need Christopher to re-propose through a video game like my friend Mike did. Haha.

Nicole Marie said...

I laughed when I read, "I call this portrait... a Historical Sign, Edition 138." I have about the same number of my husband as well. History. Nerd.

Barbara said...

Sounds/looks like a lovely, funny day which, of course, is one of the best kinds of days you can have! And you posted it so quickly too!

Anonymous said...

I actually think that spying on a wedding could be fun in a weird that odd?

Anonymous said...

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