Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a little art for your Tuesday

Way back before we got married (as far back as you can go when you only got married last year), we had many discussions on decorating our house with photos of people versus decorating with artwork.

This is how I would like to decorate the walls.
This is how Christopher would like to decorate. This tells us he'd be happy living in a museum.
After much discussion, we came to a compromise. I kept reminding myself of our wedding vows when we said "in war and in peace" because I really didn't want a war to break out over decor. We decided to purchase some Monet waterlilies because we are classy and sophisticated and if we're going to hang up art we might as well do it right. It also may have had something to do with a movie I watched when I was little about a little girl who goes into a Monet waterlily painting and it was so beautiful I wanted to try it myself. (My younger self wanted to go into the painting, not my current age self. I'm not trying to use my living room as a place to create my own version of walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. I thought that was an important point to clarify.)

When the artwork came in and we were taking it out of the box, Christopher said, "We might have to look on the website to see which way is up and which way is down." I replied that we wouldn't have that problem if we were hanging pictures of those near and dear to our hearts, NOW WOULD WE?

Here's the living room wall in question before the redecorating.  
You know what we shouldn't go into business doing? Hanging up art. At one point we had to use a curtain rod to line up the frames. So much for being classy and sophisticated.
Yes, I realize the walls look like a totally different color in the pictures. 

Whenever I hear the name Monet I think of Brian Regan.
 "You like Francis Bacon?"


Shayla said...

hubs and I LOVE BRIAN Regan!!!!!!

You are so nice to compromise on the art. I too am a picture frame goddess.

You living room looks gorgeous- curtain rods are the bomb!

stephanie said...

ha! we are going through the same debate ourselves. I used to be all for millions of family pics but now I have a different game plan. tyler's being a doll and just rolling with it. the house is in decorating turmoil!

Jen said...

Kyle would love to live in a museum as well haha. I can't wait to decorate the new place.

Kim said...

Decorating is hard with my husband too. Glad you were able to agree on Monet! :)