Friday, June 14, 2013

here's the photographic proof

I recently bought a new camera. 
Sam is especially enthusiastic about my purchase and wanted to high-five me with his painted hand. (Miracles still happen, folks. The child how whines like his world is crashing down when his fingers get dirty asked to have his hand painted. MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN.)

Since camera's aren't edible, Molly is not too impressed. Protecting her chalk box is much more important. 
(I know. More pictures of other peoples children. Until I have my own children this is the way it's going to be.)

(In related news, I believe the stork is lost.)

(Or it accidentally left the baby with the chain gang in Virginia.)

(Not that I ever get dramatic when it comes to babies.)


Jenn said...

How was your new camera not the first thing you talked about when you came over today?! (Not that fancy showers aren't equally important, but you let me drag on about STUPID CHATTER when you could have been telling me about THAT!) Wowza!

Jen said...

Yay for a new camera! It's always fun to take pictures.

Laura Darling said...

What kind of camera??!!

Molly said...

Yay cameras! My teenage sisters had to show me how to use mine while I was on vacation. It takes pretty pictures, but I am still basically clueless.

Kim said...

Great pictures! What kind of camera is it? :)

Sarah said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Another 'Sarah' blogger spelled 'correctly'! Hehe. :) Looks like a fancy new camera you got yourself! I use a Canon T2i and love it! Have a great day Sarah!

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