Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I realize some people can tell a story in less than 36,000 words, but I'm not one of them

Monday was a busy day in these parts.

Christopher graduated Air Assault school in the morning and not to make this all about myself, but the 98 degrees plus 876% humidity at the graduation ceremony completely destroyed my hair for the rest of the day.
photo credit goes by Mr. Jenn

Immediately after the graduation Elizabeth and I headed out on a Top Secret Trip to an Unknown Place. Clarification: Elizabeth didn't know our destination but I knew exactly where we were headed .

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to stock up on beverages before hitting the road because OF COURSE. After paying for my purchase, I walked out the door and left my keys on the counter. It was like the walk of humiliation when I slunk back to pick them up. (Yet another reason to always use the drive-thru.)

I'm not fortunate enough to be gifted in the area of directions, but I choose to go with the old fashioned paper directions instead of the gps. It was a risky move, but with Elizabeth as co-navigator and my coffee by my side, we forged ahead. It was a slow forging though because it took us 45 minutes just to get out of our town. I was worried it was a sign of things to come, but we only got turned around twice which is MOST ASSUREDLY a record in my book. I think my method of questioning Elizabeth every three minutes about when we would turn next was key. Not that that got annoying after five hours.

Elizabeth didn't show the slightest bit of interest in our destination and eventually I couldn't stand it anymore so I made her guess. We were all the way in Mississippi before she learned we were going to a Boo Mama book signing. She turned to look at me said in shock, "She wrote a book?!"

I almost drove off the road.

It was like everything I've ever taught her about blogs was for naught.

I was very nervous that we'd arrive the signing late and stand outside the book store with tears running down our faces. At least my face. Elizabeth was still processing that BooMama even wrote a book. ("But I thought Big Mama wrote a book! I read Boo Mama's blog religiously until I joined Instagram and now I'm so behind!!") The directions took us to a mall and I asked a lady walking to her car if she knew where Reed's bookstore was. She gave us very detailed directions that I did not in the least understand. Just smile and nod, smile and nod was my motto. We eventually found the right store about 45 minutes before the signing was scheduled to end and there Boo Mama was in all her glory.
I wish I could say we were really smooth about the whole introducing ourselves thing, but I cannot. Elizabeth specifically said I shouldn't introduce both of us because Boo Mama might think she didn't know how to talk, but I didn't know what else to say so I was all, "I'm Sarah and this is my sister Elizabeth and we just drove 5 hours to see you and no, I'm not from the south but I loved your book anyway and I've listened to your podcasts and read your blog for years and what else can I say to make me sound like a stalker?" I've always been very smooth.

Boo Mama/Sophie (I never know what to call her) was just as SWEET as can be. So, so nice. She said I didn't have a southern accent and I wanted to kiss her feet. That wouldn't have been stalkerish at all.  (People back home have said I've getting an accent and that's a troubling thing to hear.)
I'm trying not to harbor any jealousy that Elizabeth's book says "happy to meet you and much love" and mine does not. I'm sure the fact that my book was presigned is the only reason she didn't sign mine, "Love, your BFF Sophie". 

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Allison said...

So don't behead me... I've never read BooMama. Should I try her blog first or her book? As a girl from NY, will I be able to relate to her southern charm and wit?