Monday, June 24, 2013

of course we both agree that I'm a model big sister

Elizabeth and I are complete opposites in most ways.

She will sing at the top of her lungs in a public restroom while I use the mirror to reapply lip gloss and pretend I have no idea who she is. 

She enjoys sharing her soul in Sunday school while I do my best to get through the whole class without everyone looking at me. (Rabbit trail: I dislike any situation where it is expected that I will share my innermost thoughts and feelings on theology with a group of people. Naturally that is the recipe for a successful Sunday school class so you can imagine the anxiety this situation brings.) 

But we do agree on one thing: there is nothing natural about this pose.


Jen said...

So weird!!! Haha!

Sarah said...

Let me just point out. That the
woman in the top picture appears fairly natural doing the unnatural.At least she does not happen to look like a vain praying mantis looking at his funky reflection in the pavement.


Mrs. H. said...

Tagged you for the Liebster Award ... feel free to join or not ... seems as if you would enjoy it:)


Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Is the woman in the first photo covered in flour or something...?

Jenn said...


Michelle said...

Ahahaha!!! Hilarious!

I'm with you...anyone looking at me or expecting me to share my thoughts gives me a panic attack. I'm twitching at the thought.

Mrs. K said...