Friday, February 14, 2014

snow and ice and Sesame's shower

Sometimes it's feast or famine when it comes to blogging material. We've just been hit by a feast because all the sudden I have SO MANY THINGS to say. I'll do my best to keep things brief.

Our Olympic opening ceremony party was a success. I won't give my opinions on everything, but I think we can sum it up by saying the Russians very clearly skipped over any unsavory parts of their history and that Vlad was pretty unimpressed by the whole show.
Unless that is his impressed face?

Last week I went home for my baby shower. There was snow! And ice! And I loved it! I know. You're all sick and tired of snow but I hadn't seen any this year. 
Aaron had the distinct privilege of driving me and Sesame to the shower. Look how thrilled he was. Now that I think about it, he looks about this thrilled in every picture I've ever posted. He almost gives Vlad a run for his money.
We asked the guests to bring bath toys to donate to Operation Shower. I surrendered my camera over to others for the party so we don't have any pictures of what was brought. Which is just another way of saying I wasn't on the ball enough to ask someone to take a picture of the rubber whale. 
Thanks to my slightly unphotogenic self there aren't many pictures of me opening gifts where I don't look completely bored or like I'm glowering at Elizabeth. I was neither bored nor glowering, but the pictures tell a different story. This picture passed my over-critical inspection. Look how excited Hannah was about the blanket Marisa made me! 
I call this The Aftermath. I have no idea what the furry thing near the yellow ribbon on the floor is. I know for certain I wasn't given a rabbit.
I shipped all the gifts down so I plan on taking more pictures once they arrive . Nothing is more riveting than pictures of hangers or bottles.
Elizabeth objected to Mom touching my stomach in this picture. I don't understand why since it's not her stomach. As long as people abide by my rule of not touching too high or too low I really don't mind. 
On the way back to Tennessee I flew out of Boston and had a layover in Washington DC. When I finally got to my seat on the first plane (it takes a long time to get to row 33) I sat next to a young couple traveling home to California. They were unmarried and had been vacationing in a warmer climate and while they had a great time, they didn't like their hotel. They didn't tell me any of that information. I just so happened to overhear while "reading" my book. Anyway. The man leaned over and asked me if we were going to Washington state or "the other Washington". I will be the first to admit that I'm terrible with directions, but it seems slightly important to know where you're traveling to. I said we would be landing in the District of Columbia aka the other Washington. I almost asked where he was when all the announcements about THE NATION'S CAPITAL and RANDOM SECURITY CHECKS BEFORE ENTERING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA were being made but I didn't. Instead I suggested they exit the aircraft using the designated doors immediately if they were on the wrong plane. But then we took off so who knows if they ever made it home.

All I know is now I'm back with my main squeeze and I have no plans of going anywhere for a long time. Rushing through an airport when I only have a 12 minutes layover AND I GO TO THE WRONG TERMINAL OMG is too much for me. I have decided to never fly with Sesame once he/she is evicted from Hotel Womb. Covered wagon all the way.


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

That is crazy that dude did not know that he was going to the NCR! I guess his wife does all of the travel arrangements. :) I am glad that you were not snowed in on your travels home. Pregnant and stuck in an airport sounds like the fourth circle of hell.

stephanie said...

hahaha Washington state or "the other Washington" people are idiots. Also want to get together this week? Maybe come over one day for entertainment from my motley crew? ;-)

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

I totally agree about the Olympics opening ceremony. They made the 50s and 60s look good even though we know that's not how it was.

Jen said...

The shower looks wonderful! :)