Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the deeper the snow the happier I am

Monday Elizabeth and I traveled back to the land of my birth. I usually fly alone and while I don't mind, having a travel companion is useful for the following reasons:
* someone to talk to and share snacks with (obviously)
* someone to leave your luggage with when you need the restroom. I hate trying to handle all my bags in those situations. (Quick restroom story. I saw a man, VERY CLEARLY A MAN, walk slowly into the ladies room in the Charlotte airport. I feel bad for all involved when he realized his mistake.)

The trip was uneventful in every way. I didn't want the plane to crash but I enjoy a little excitement. The man sitting next to us on the first flight slept almost the whole time. When the flight attendant asked if he wanted a drink there was an obvious language barrier between them. I almost offered my sign language skilz but I didn't think they'd be helpful in this situation. The woman next to us on the second flight started talking about how she doesn't want to do a toxin cleanse that involves tubes in her colon. Obviously that's a normal topic to discuss with strangers.

The rest of the country might be tired of snow, but I'm not. I've seen all of one inch this year. I can almost count the number of snowflakes in my backyard. It's pathetic, really. I was so excited to see snow when we landed and then watch it snow all day. The people of Tennessee would die a thousand deaths if they saw 12" of snow in their backyard but I think it was the greatest thing.
Guilty as charged.


Jen said...

I wish we could enjoy at least a little snow but no such luck.

stephanie said...

I don't do snow. Glad you had company on the flight. One time when Avery was like 2 months old and Maggie was like 2-1/2 (and potty trained!) I decided to fly home. I had the two kids, a giant bag with diapers, wipes, sippys, etc... another giant bag with stuff to keep Maggie entertained and my purse. Maggie had to pee and I had to decide what to do. I left my bags with ALL my stuff with a random lady who said she'd keep an eye on it. In retrospect I must have been seriously sleep-deprived to think that was a good idea. Needless to say it went ok and she wasn't crazy but YOU NEVER KNOW.

Also sorry for the novel.

Jamie said...

Booooo bring on spring! ;)

Michelle said...


Airplane conversations are the absolute weirdest. When I flew to California in October, the woman next to me told me all about how her dad cheated on her mom and the divorce and every detail about it all. She voluntarily offered up all this information. I'm still trying to figure out how it happened.

Wherever you are, come to Ohio! We have 7 inches right now and possible more coming tonight :)