Friday, February 28, 2014

it's just a matter of time before hgtv asks us to have our own show

We've been on a roll lately when it comes to home improvement. Granted it's been a very slow roll because we tend to start a simple project one weekend and finish it five weekends later. 

In January we painted our bathroom blue. Here it is before in all its yellow glory. 
Last weekend we added stripes. Naturally we each had a different idea of how to measure the stripes so they'd be straight. I'd never painted stripes before but I'd read three stripe painting articles on Pinterest and Pinterest is always knows what's what! Christopher didn't read any articles and had his own ideas. I went along with his method so that I could say I told you so before we moved on to my method because I'm a very cooperative wife. Much to my sorrow amazement, his method worked well and all the stripes are perfectly straight. Pay no attention to the way the stripe all the way to the right is leaning. Just another example of subpar photography. 
Christopher's parents gave us their kitchen table and chairs when they moved and I recovered the chairs. The chairs were off white not greenish as it looks.
The chair on the left is actually green, not off white as it appears. I was too tired to go ALL THE WAY down the stairs and take a more accurate picture. 
We didn't do anything to this hutch other than buy it, but it's worth mentioning because I've been looking for a hutch for our entire marriage. I need somewhere to put those special plates we never eat off! I love it.
And finally, I bought a small dresser to put in the hallway upstairs to keep some extra baby things in. I wanted to go all Aggie go I took it apart and redid it. 
I still have to get knobs for it but like I said, it's a slow roll. They'll probably go on sometime mid-August.
This is neither here nor there, but the basket on top holds diapers and wipes. I don't care if Sesame ends up being Carter and has to wear girly diapers because these are so pretty. If I'm going to be changing diapers I might as well like how they look. 


Jen said...

Everything looks great! I especially love the stripes in the bathroom.

stephanie said...

Like my text said I love your hutch so much I almost hate you. The legs and bottom curvy pieces and the color is pure perfction.... SWOON!

Those diapers are so cute too!

Jenn said...

This is better than HGTV! ;) I LOVE the new hutch. That is amazing. Perfect color too! Where did you get it??

Erin said...

Love the hutch! And love the diapers!

Michelle said...

THAT HUTCH. It is so pretty! My grandma just gave me all of her mother's old dishes, and I've been telling James for months that we need to get a hutch so I can properly display them. But that would mean I would have to move the bikes out of the dining room. Clearly they'll be featuring us on apartment therapy real soon.

Will you teach me to recover stuff? Thanks :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love the hutch (and the girly diapers!)

Allison said...

That hutch is UN. REAL. You are so lucky to have snagged that fine piece of furniture!

Also- I am in wonder and awe of your painting skills. Can you guys come to my house and paint stripes on every wall?

Allison said...

Your hutch needs its own blog. Or vlog.