Tuesday, May 6, 2014

just another weekend involving some screaming and very little sleeping

Well, this weekend was just riveting.

If you call a misidentifying cows as horses to your impressionable child and two boycotted nap times riveting.

Apparently there was enough of a nap time for me to take 12 pictures of the baby in various almost-identical potions. This happens to me all the time. I'll take one picture because she looks sweet then OMG SHE MOVED HER LITTLE FINGER ISN'T THAT PRECIOUS so I take another forty-four. There is something wrong with me.   
Our friend was scheduled to return home from his deployment on Saturday so I picked the most appropriate outfit I could find for Annabelle. As these things go, the homecoming was rescheduled to midnight which I deemed too late to go out with the baby. Cue much sorrow and sadness on my part and no emotion on her part. We make our fashion choices but the Army decides if they shall indeed be worn.
Here's Little Miss America all dressed up with nowhere to go.
I know it's a blurry picture, but this was her face when I told her I hope she doesn't have a career that involves wearing a bikini and heels while walking across a stage. I'm in favor of a career with more clothes, like a professional skier or scuba diver. 
 You get this picture for free.
 No charge for this one either! 
 Her mouth is in a different position so I had to take another picture. OBVIOUSLY.
Saturday night we went out for our anniversary. Unlike our first post-baby date we did not go to Lowes for firework and an ax although the romance in that place is oozing. We got dressed up and went to a fancee restaurant in the next town over. The Kentucky Derby was on and I spent a (probably annoying) lengthy amount of time discussing how I wanted to go to the derby, what I would wear and what I would name my horse. Then the race happened and just like that it was over. Am I the only American who didn't know the race is only one lap? Seems like a lot of work for an event you might miss if you get up for a refill of nachos and cheese.

Sunday afternoon I left the baby to watch Christopher Christopher to watch the baby while I went out on my own for a while. I went to the bookstore than found myself in front of a rack of cute capris at a clothing store. I'm currently smaller than maternity pants (one would hope) but slightly larger than my normal pants size which leaves me with very few options. The good from deciding to eat an apple and peanut butter with lunch (healthy!) was probably destroyed when I decided to mix cool whip in with peanut butter so I don't know when I'll get back to my normal pants size. Cool whip is too good. There was a point to that story but now I've lost it.

(Skipping the part of the weekend where we became THOSE parents in Walmart with the screaming baby.)

Yesterday Christopher asked if I wanted to played tennis with him. I'm terrible at games involving flying balls so naturally tennis is right up my ally. I looked like a drunk donkey the entire time. It was a beautiful look for me. I'm sure Annabelle would have taken 44 pictures if she could have. Or she would have been so embarrassed she'd have fled the scene. 


Jamie said...

She is soooo cute.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

She is gorgeous! Love that little headband :)

Happy anniversary! I always fantasize about what I would wear to the derby as well.. one day :)

Meg Doherty said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I loooove little Annabelle's Miss America outfit! Bahaha I bet she did a great job watching Christopher ;)

Jen said...

She looks adorable in that outfit!!!! :)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I totally think that Annabelle needs a giant hat in honor of the Derby. Just so she will have an opportunity to give you the baby stare. :D

Michelle said...

I can't handle her. She's so cute!

But what WOULD you name your horse? And I also had no idea the Derby is just one lap! I also never realized how much of a big deal it is until everyone on the internet freaked out last weekend.

Babbling Brook said...

You crack me up! Peanut butter and cool whip? Well I hope it tasted good haha.

Just A Girl

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Sorry she isn't sleeping a lot, but at least she's adorable. ;)
And I LOVE that dress!!

Toi said...

I hope this doesn't see weird coming from an internet stranger, but I'm convinced that if you and knew each other in real life we would be friends.

I would invite you over to eat peanut butter and cool whip and we could discuss our ponies. And our babies could play together.

I'm not sure if my pants will ever fit again. And now all I want is peanut butter and cool whip. This is not helping anything!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You are so funny! I need to practice being wittier. Loved Annabelle's outfit even though she didn't get to steal the show at the Homecoming and dresses were my saving grace in the between phase- especially maternity maxis with the criss-cross front that you can nurse in (and i might still wear all the time because they are so comfy. Good wine drinking dress)

Allison said...

Look how patriotic she is! Annabelle, you are a cute little girl!