Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A day in my life according to me. By, Annabelle

6:02- Rude awakening thanks to a diaper malfunction.
6:20- I'm wearing new pjs, drinking a bottle (aka first breakfast) with Dad and watching Mom put a new sheet on my crib.
7:41- I awake for the day and wonder when Mom will get me up. She doesn't arrive for 10 minutes.
8:10- Mom nurses me aka I have my second breakfast.
8:40- Third breakfast! We're out of all the good breakfast food (muffins, oatmeal, butter which means we can't have toast) so I eat rice krispie cereal. 
9:30- Bath in the big tub!
9:58- My head is squeezed through a tiny hole. Apparently this is what they call "getting dressed".
10:02- Down for a nap.
10:20- I cry until Mom picks me up and nurses me. I need that midmorning snack to get through my nap.
10:57- I decide Mom's had enough alone time. Time to play, eat puffs and pull on the curtains.
11:15- Dance party to Christmas music! 
11:50- I have a healthy lunch of apple sauce with aronia berry. Mom says she doesn't know what aronia berry is but she's giving it to me anyway. Is that safe?
12:30- I spend 15 minutes playing with a mini gourd. Mom still hasn't put away her fall decor yet.
12:50- Mom notices I'm eating Dad's playing cards with the confederate flag on them. She says even though the confederate flag isn't her favorite doesn't mean I should be eating it. #partypooper
12:52- She sticks her finger in my mouth and pulls out a wad of paper. 
12:53- I fall over and smack my head on the floor. TEARS.
12:55- We're going outside! To the mailbox! My favorite daily activity! 
1:10- We sit in the rocking chair so I can have second lunch.
1:20- I play my piano like the child prodigy that I am. I go crazy and play with my feet while holding a green ball because YOLO.
2:00- nap time
2:43- THIS NAP TIME IS OVER. (Mom is not happy with me. She says I've had horrible naps today.)
3:00- Mom says we need to get out of the house so we go to the grocery store. 
3:37- I'm sandwiched between two boxes of crackers and a roll of plastic wrap.
4:28- Eating crackers in my highchair while watching Mom decorate the mantle. She hasn't asked my opinion.
6:00- I enjoy a meal of peas, carrots and more crackers.
6:18- I randomly yell "hi" to no one in particular.
6:30- I look at the American Girl magazine for a present to get myself give Prince George for Christmas.
6:52- I'm stuck under my exersaucer.
7:07- Pajama/Bible book/nightly snack time.
7:20- Mom sings to me then we do our nightly ritual of touching the elephant lamp, waving to the Paddington Bear stuffed animal and hitting the elephants on my mobile.
7:33- Mom puts me in bed and says good night. Says she loves me but doesn't want to see me again until the morning.
7:41- I'm writing this from my crib. Don't tell Mom but I'm not asleep. 


Jen said...

Hehe I love this!

Angi said...

This was so fun to read! That gal is quite articulate when she diaries. ;)

I have never heard of aronia berry either! Time for Google...

Michelle said...

This is precious! Remind me to copy this idea in a few months ;)

When I read "My head is squeezed through a tiny hole" I thought DID YOU GIVE BIRTH AGAIN?! Clearly you can see where my thoughts/anxieties are right now.

Miss to Mrs said...

This made me laugh so hard! YOLO!

Now you need to do one from your perspective. These dang babies and their complete lack of respect for time!

Rachel Ross said...

Lol, love this!