Wednesday, December 10, 2014

words on Wednesday

Once again I feel have no interesting/comical/heartwarming stores to share. It's more of the same ole same ole over here. Sweeping the floor four times a day, grocery shopping, and getting stuck under chairs. Our life is really wild right now.

* I designed our Christmas cards and put them in the cart before realizing I didn't put our names on them. I hope this doesn't cause much confusion. If you get a card from us and don't recognize our picture than I think something is wrong with our friendship.

* We don't have our tree(s) up yet. We were going to start putting them up Sunday night, then Monday night and now it's Wednesday and we're still treeless. What we do have is a lovely collection of 16 snowman figurines of every shape and size imaginable given to us by a couple from church. Snowmen have taken over our living room.   

* I'm currently in search of semi-coordinating pajamas for our family. I was originally only searching for matching pajamas for Sesame and I, but I didn't want to leave Christopher out of the fun. I'm looking for something a little more subtle than this bear butt family. (Although it is a million times better than being a bare butt family.)

* I took Annabelle to the mall yesterday as a reward for being so good at the doctors office. She requested we look around Forever 21. Who was I to say no to her desire to check out the inexpensive jewelry? Observation number one: no one else in there was pushing a stroller. Certainly no one else had put significant effort into dressing their child in a cute Christmas sweater. Observation number two: none of their dresses are nursing friendly. (Where did I think I was? Motherhood Maternity?) Observation number three: I don't think the aztec legging trend does me any favors. 

We went through H & M before we left the mall because I needed to boost my confidence by shopping at a store without an age in it's name. I found a shirt to try on but in the dressing room I made the unfortunate discovery that none of the stalls had doors. Whose brilliant idea was it to put curtains instead of doors? I felt like I was changing out in the middle of the store. The curtain swished every time someone walked by. Talk about taking the joy out of shopping.   

* On Sunday night we went to a Christmas concert at church. Sesame Pie enjoys music so she stayed with us instead of going to the nursery. At one point I sat her down on the seat next to me and gave her a snack to keep her quiet. She looked so cute sitting there with her little feet sticking out from under her dress and like such a big girl that I almost cried. Just last week we took her to church for the first time and she was barely 6lbs. Now she waves to everyone and is the little star who all the old people love and fight over. 

* I went pottery painting with my new friend Tiffany! She was so kind and didn't make fun of me for taking two hours to paint fifteen dots onto a bowl. Rembrandt I am not. (Tiffany will backup my story that everyone at church loves AB. She goes to church with us now (!!) and has seen it first hand. I don't say it just because I'm AB's mother.)

* Annabelle's stylist bought her more Christmas dresses than there are Sundays in December. She wore the first of the dresses on Sunday in honor of George's Irish/Scottish heritage. 
Double chins look so much cuter on her than on me.


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I really do think she is the high light of everyones Sunday Morning!!! Your so popular now!!! Your bowl is going to come out great, and no judgement here, remember it took me two hours to paint two solid colors on a platter. lol Did you check Old Navy for PJ's I was there for Black Friday shopping and they had some cute ones. Don't remember if they had any that matched with men and kiddos. Worth a shot.

Jen said...

Oh that last picture is amazing!!!! :)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Cuteness overload! I can't take it!

Meg Taylor said...

Bahahaha those bear butts are too funny!! You should all get matching footie PJs from Target! They have tons of sock monkey ones for adults and kids!

Angi said...

You're cracking me up with this post..."bare butt family"...haha!

I don't understand the curtain thing at H&M either. There's a little clothing store in our town that does the same thing. I always feel like it's way too easy for someone to walk by and peek in, or walk in on you accidentally. Locking dressing room doors should be a law!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Im glad you and Tiffany found each other. she just emailed me the other day to say that she had gone to church with yall. Bloggers unite! AB is getting cuter by the minute- I still hold strong that if things with Prince George don't work out there are 3 little L's to choose from.

Miss to Mrs said...

The last time I went to Forever 21 I was about 67 weeks pregnant. That's not a typo. I swear I was 67 weeks pregnant. And you might remember that I'm pushing 40. I am obviously their key demographic! You should have seen the stares I got.

I LOVE her dress. Smocking and Christmas plaid! Yes Please!