Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas is becoming her favorite time of year

We had a busy Saturday. First, we dropped AB off at parents day out at MOPS. I was really proud of myself for signing her up because  I still don't love leaving her with other people. (Except on the days I want to break outta this house like a criminal escaping prison. Then I'd hand her off to almost anyone.) Christopher and I had a breakfast date then walked around the mall. In other words, we partied hard during our childless two hours.

In the afternoon I took Annabelle to a Christmas party put on by A Soldier's Child Foundation. She wore the second dress in her Christmas dress rotation. It's a real shame she's a shabby looking child.

The party was held at a church downtown and a grand total of 800 children were signed up to attend. I like kids but that's A LOT OF CHILDREN in one spot. Every family got a blanket, a book and a bag of gifts specifically bought for each child. I've always been on the giving end of these events so it felt extremely weird to be the one receiving. I almost didn't sign Annabelle up for it because I felt so odd. Annabelle didn't feel odd at all. She waved at everyone, pulled on the pompom hat of the girl in front of her, ate a container of apple sauce, and loved the music. Basically, all her Christmas dreams came true in one hour.
I managed to get most of our faces in the picture. My selfie skills are improving.
I wish we could met the family who picked out gifts for Annabelle. They wrote us the sweetest card and gave us this big bag. It was so generous of them.
She opened one gift yesterday and we're saving the rest for Christmas. Not that she notices there are more in the bag. All they needed to do was give her the gold bow. She played with it for 15 minutes straight. 


Jen said...

What a wonderful event! :) Glad you were able to attend.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

That last picture, its beautiful!!!

Miss to Mrs said...

Annabelle needs to come to our house and see Alyson's collection of ribbons. They would be in heaven together!

I'm glad you went to this event. I know it was outside your comfort zone, but you and your family deserve it. You make a huge sacrifice for our country. This little token of appreciation is much deserved.