Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Currently, the Tuesday Edition

Reliving: my mini vacation aka trip to the dentist last week. I always thought moms who talked about the dentist being like a vacation were a little off their rocker. Call me off my rocker but I enjoyed sitting in the waiting room with no one to entertain. My book and I were happy campers. Add carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag and I asked myself what new type of paradise was I living.

Wondering if: I grind my teeth when I sleep. The dental assistant asked me and I wanted to reply that I am not responsible for or conscious of what I do in my sleep but I didn't. I do know that I never swear when I'm awake but according to sources who shall not be named, I swore twice when I was sleeping while pregnant. Just another great pregnancy side effect.

Putting on: Annabelle's shoes 14 times a day. She recently started a shoe obsession and must have shoes on her feet at all time, even if she's wearing footie pajamas. She's very klassy and obviously takes after her mother. Lately she's been waking up screaming every night around 10:30 like she's having a bad dream. Christopher is always the one who goes in to comfort her and the other night she had just calmed down when she started pointing to the closet. He brought her over to look in it and she started pointing at her bumblebee shoes. She held onto them while she went back to sleep. Ok then. Whatever floats your little boat and gets you back to sleep.
Add a necklace and sunglasses and she's a happy little fashionista.
Making: strawberry jam with the berries we picked on Sunday. I thought I had reached the pinnacle of homemaking last summer when I made tomato sauce with tomatoes that I grew, but today I may have reached new heights. I made the mistake of letting AB try the jelly while it was cooking and she spent the next forty minutes rotating between playing with the recyclables and standing in front of the stove with her mouth open like a baby bird begging for more.

Eating: strawberry jelly by the spoonful. Don't judge me!

Teaching: Annabelle new words in sign language. We were at a restaurant on Saturday and she correctly signed "more food, please". I was so proud. She then threw the food on the floor.

Watching: Friends. Since Downton Abby isn't back yet and I finished Gilmore Girls (SOB), Friends has become my new show. I used to think I wanted to live in Stars Hollow but now I'm thinking I might want to live in Monica and Rachel's apartment. The perfect world would be one where Monica's apartment is located in Loralei's house , Mr. Carson brings me tea and cake, and I spend the evening with the Braverman family.
Jealous of: Rachel's hair. The highlights. The cut. The way it never gets messed up. It's everything my hair will never be.

Reading: The Language of Flowers, In This House We will Giggle, and Look What I See...at the School! Reading is a bit generous of a word. It's more like skimming a few sentences at a time until my boss lady dear child requires something. 

Pondering: the feasibility of a) cloning myself or b) figuring out how to stop time. I'd like the ability to simultaneously blog, read, clean up the house and take a nap while AB takes hers. Is that so much?!

Buying: new pillows. I broke my self-made rule of not buying new household items within six months of moving but I couldn't help it. The pillows happened on sale at Kirklands and I happened to receive an additional 10% off courtesy of my military ID and somehow, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW, I drove home with a new pillow. Even though Christopher and I had a discussion about that very pillow in the store a few months ago and I don't remember any negative comments at the time, he wasn't as enthusiastic about my exciting purchase. He said it was "too sparkly". Ironically the sparkle is why I bought it.

Returning: my new pillow.


Jen said...

There is nothing better than homemade strawberry jam!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh Im so glad that AB likes the Jam, its my favorite to!!! I must see this Said Pillow of yours and can we please no speak of this so called "move" thing you mention, I forbid it to happen!!!

Jenn said...

I am SO looking forward to my dental appt when we get back. Fully reclined, no need to make conversation, eyes closed.... let's just hope they don't have to scrape too much plaque. It's been a couple years since I've seen a dentist... Glad you enjoyed your retreat too! My mom says surgery was the same way for her and I'm starting to see why...

Miss to Mrs said...

Alyson had those bunny jammies that Annabelle is wearing with her necklace and shades. The last time she wore them was the night before her first birthday. And apparently I'm not quite over her turning one because seeing those jammies brought tears to my eyes. Never mind she's almost two. I really need to pull myself together!

I want to come to your house and eat strawberry jam. I think maybe you should try it on ice cream.

Bailey Kay said...

I just started season 5 of Gilmore Girls and I'm already dreading the day when I finish it.

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I always love the sassy look on her face. She has the best, "Girl, please." expression.

True story: I have had two kidney stone surgeries since having children -- one when Coop was a baby and one when Alexa was a baby, and both of them were like vacations. I still fondly remember lying in the hospital bed, reading a People magazine and being completely and totally relaxed. Good times.

Laura Darling said...

I love that she wants to sleep with her shoes. So cute.